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The Root of Trust

MANY PARENTS have told their children over the ages trust is something you earn. With the karmic history each one of us is here to work through, trust is also something we must first identify within ourselves.

As souls in bodies, trust is a big part of our existence here on Earth. We trust others as we drive on a roadway, we trust our doctor to tell us what is wrong and we trust the news to report what has happened around the world. If you found yourself scoffing over other drivers, doctors and world news then your mental process of discernment and critical thinking is at work. How do we trust in a world that seemly has many realities? How do we get to the bottom of what we are feeling in order to assess to trust or not trust a person or situation?

It all starts deep within the soul level. Our connection to the Divine is constant and never changes. The alteration on one’s trust is the experience of the soul incarnating into physical form. Lifetime after lifetime we are challenged with the ego, emotions, mental and physical realm, all of which are engaging and creating karmic history. Trust requires that you understand the journey of the soul and that the Universe has your back. We often experience emotional woundings from childhood that reflect a deeper issue of trust. Healing these threads to the past gives way to healing our karmic history and connecting with original consciousness. It is from here that we can access a deeper trust. There are many layers to this process that lead us directly to our relationship with the Divine. The process of reincarnation creates karma each time we come back. We experience our feelings lifetime after lifetime attaching to events that leave us emotionally wounded. The history of your past lives is often visible in your current life from accidents to meeting people you feel you have known before.

When we have a break in the trust, someone leaves us, we are forced, manipulated or lied to it reverberates throughout our lifetimes stimulating that very wounding from the past. Take heart and forgive, release the emotional response so you are not attaching to yet another wounding that leaves threads that keep you karmically engaged. Move forward by feeling your feelings and releasing them. Forgive at every turn in the road and connect with a deeper level of trust within you.

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a mystic healer and spiritual intuitive who provides guidance to people all over the world. She works with her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work.

Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world.

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Creating Balance

AS HuMaNity leans towards one side of the duality or the other, pressing for peace and love or hating another culture and acting out in violence; there is a lack of understanding as to how the duality works and the very nature of keeping the balance. We know what feels good but the fact remains we live in the duality so no matter how high the frequencies and how connected you are to love and light, there is always going to be representation of the other side.

Standing in the middle of these two sides of good and bad, pain and joy, light and dark, happy and sad allows for you to see they must both exist in this world where the duality is a natural part of the Universe. We do not transcend the duality but simply step back and observe it. This is what keeps our Universe in balance. Everything in the Universe is about balance. We are simply moving into a higher vibration that is the fifth dimension. This is not going to be void of the duality. These next few months are an opportunity for people to find where they need to balance within their own lives and create peace within.

Peace exists within us and is a state of being that is obtained through meditation and a deep inner practice that is dedicated to one’s self discovery. Inner peace comes from loving yourself at the deepest level of your being and healing the emotional woundings from the past. There is a common thread throughout our lifetime that reflects our unresolved karma of the past. When we clear our karmic past we create an opening for our original consciousness to connect with our source the Divine. It is through this work that one can start to feel that inner peace that allows you to observe the duality. The hard part in being human is we all want to get in a situation and engage our energy. The homework is to feel your feelings and release them. That way you do not engage your energy by diving into the deep end of the karmic pool creating more karma for yourself by investing in the duality.

Paying attention to what you are feeling is one of the most important aspects of being human. Letting those feelings rule you without being conscious of your energy and where you are allowing your energy to go will create more karma. This human experience needs a better handbook for we are capable of so much more with the proper understanding of the energy field and body. We will improve the state of things on planet Earth if we take a look within and get ourselves balanced and in a state of inner peace.

Author Sonja Grace is a mystic healer and spiritual intuitive who provides guidance to people all over the world. She works with her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work.

Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Her new book Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul is available at:

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Big Buzz

WE ARE gathering information for a higher consciousness like a comet racing towards Earth.  As we examine and try on all of the spiritual fast food made available on line remember to have some discernment in what you read.  Watching videos tend to take us into a reality that is believable because it is moving before our eyes and yet this is an area humanity has blindly put their trust into.  Critical thinking is something of the past with the generation that is now retired and spends more time in the garden.    We are complex beings with souls that span centuries of lifetimes with a built in subscription to the Divine.

Your subscription has not run out, you are experiencing the shift in vibration that moves the DNA to recalibrate with the Universe. As we change our perspective on a spiritual plane it is important for everyone to take a deep breath and realize it is from a spiritual path that we will continue our lives here on Earth.  This spiritual path is one of consciousness; in that each step you take is done so with awareness to your inner guide and the Earth.

As we continue to move towards the fifth dimension we will also have the responsibility to a much greater cause: the Earth.   This fourth world we have enjoyed includes a self-indulgent, self-centered, it’s all about me menu that allowed us to discover all of the details of our souls’ journey.    Many have not done their homework thus the fast track to enlightenment.

These last gasps of drama will fizzle out as we move into a new era.  Our planet will demand our attention.  For we have created what we must now deal with here on Earth.   This is the collective karmic path humanity will be called to take responsibility for.  When you find yourself blaming others and demanding for the truth remember the very fibers of your soul are connected to the Divine.  We can connect with a deeper truth and accountability that allows you to embrace the world community in an effort to help heal the Earth.  It is her time now.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

Healing with Tolerance

My travels take me all over the world and my experiences with people, their stories and the miracles that ensue need to be shared.

As I got started I laughed at my surroundings.  It was over one hundred degrees out and I was standing in a small house with no air conditioning, people were coming in and out of the tiny living room as a toddler stood by occasionally hanging onto my leg for support.  My arrival was announced somewhere in the wind with a long line of a sore throats, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, an infant’s sleepless nights, brain tumor, stoke, rotator cuff, knee, leg, hip and back pain, loss of a loved ones, lack of trust and a son who served his country only to be imprisoned due to post traumatic stress syndrome taking over his life.  As I worked on each person my experience as a healer guided my hands like a surgeon as I removed negative energies out of their bodies and in their auric fields. One person commented I think a family member did this to me and another remarked they are mad at my family please check everyone out.

Many people are not aware of the corruption that different cultures around the world experience within their spiritual realm.  We see corruption in western religion and can identify where a person has committed such crimes but in the world of voodoo and witching there is much that goes unnoticed.

My ability to see all levels of the astral plane helps me to identify what has happened and where it came from and remove it. One person who blamed the ill will from her sister for her fall, dragged her leg in barely able to walk. I moved about taking things out of her leg and addressed the hairline fracture in her ankle that had still not healed.  I scolded her for not wearing the boot her doctor prescribed and proceeded to talk to her about tolerance.  Forgive your sister I said as I took more things out of her back and hips.  After working on her I showed her a physical therapy exercise that she could do as homework and we embraced.  She was crying as she walked out the door without a limp bearing full weight on her leg she had dragged in.

Tolerance of each other, families, communities, religions and cultural differences remains the goal in the twenty first century.  Love creates pathways that intercept all belief systems and if followed allows us to arrive in peace.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Transformation of Women

As humanity moves closer to the fifth dimension and gains new insight daily to a higher state of consciousness, women are shifting with strong tides and an inner force that compares to flares seen billowing off Venus.

Women are feeling the energy of transformation in all aspects of their world.  Many women are reminded of the events from centuries past as they encounter similar issues today and it echoes through their cells.   There is the rebirth of the female warrior that takes a stand as she has throughout history, only this time it is for the sake of the world.

Their call to regain the balance between the male and female aspects includes the light and dark, good and bad which brings the duality to the forefront and women in the lead.

They are leading at this time because men are moving into their hearts and working through the integration of power into love.  The vibration of women moves them forward into a place of spiritual understanding that is supported from the heart center and opens up the power center.  Men on the other hand are moving from the power center into the heart and their vibration is that of a spiritual quest.

When reviewing history we are reminded of the abused power in both the matriarch and patriarchal societies.  This is why stepping into leadership women must remember the key is to become warriors of the light.  Their connection to giving birth lends to a vibration the Earth emits that females are receptive to.  As the receivers of this Earth energy it is critical that the evolution of the feminine principle has balance within that takes the aggressive warrior and battle to the environment and all things that give us life here on Earth.

That she upholds her spiritual development and chooses to help men move into their heart realm to create balance within the duality.  By doing so women gain the opportunity to acknowledge their understanding of lessons from the past, stepping into this new vibration with a fully conscious mind.

The duality has had the human species experiencing both sides of the pendulum as it swings full range throughout time and history.  Women have ruled as well as men and we are moving now into a frequency that allows us to be in balance.  Women hold the keys to the future for it is the feminine principle that will lead us to a higher vibration, a deeper understanding of the delicate balance in nature and the preservation of all life here on Earth.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Evolution of Man

The evolution of man has been unfolding for centuries under patriarchal rule.  The effects this has had on our planet Earth in development of land, natural resources, economics, and power are perceived as both good and bad.  A study of the history of humanity here on Earth shows us clearly that there was a time in which the planet was ruled by a matriarchy.  For centuries people worshipped a matriarchal Goddess, and the Earth herself was honored.    As planet Earth cycles and changes, so does the energy that prevails amongst those who inhabit her surface.  This era came to an end in a way that informs what we see today with regard the imminent demise of patriarchal society.

It is important to understand the differences in a patriarchal versus matriarchal society. The main key to understanding this male energy is; it is a part of what I refer to as ‘the duality.’  This duality is not complicated: it represents both sides of our experience, good and bad; light and dark; hot and cold; happy and sad.  Simply put, male and female aspects exist within each person. Feminine principles of sensitivity, intuition and gathering information are in each of us.  Similarly, male principles, like solution oriented processes, and action process—the part of us that disseminates information out into the world to do something with it.   We, together with and as part of the entire Universe, live within a state of duality.  We are in constant motion, trying to find balance in everything we do internally and externally.

Men are currently going through a tremendous upheaval within themselves.  This is getting expressed in all aspects of life.  Some experience a discomfort within their jobs; others in marriage; all experience tremendous lifestyle changes. The one aspect that is most challenging for men today, comes from a remnant of their neuro-biology—that of fulfilling their role as the warrior.

The big shift we all feel today, associated with the planet as she moves through space amid solar storm and earthquake, is also being felt within the patriarchic world.  Men’s hearts tend to be activated like dormant volcanoes, suddenly awakened with steam and plumes of smoke.  Like molten lava spewing into the air, men feel most vulnerable and anxious with current energy.

Old behaviors, greed and power no longer satisfy rumbling in the heart.  Men are being called to step up to a greater state of balance. Women are the ones who hold the weave of the world together and are called at this time to help mankind.

We have been here before — within each man and woman is a cellular and spiritual memory of past lives.  Women connect to these memories as we shift; and men literally experience the shift.  Men are being pushed energetically to give up the power stance they held in the fourth world. They are asked to stand in balance with feminine energy to enter the fifth dimension. There is no one side that will lead. Rather we enter this new world with balance and a state of peace within our own inner duality.

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Earth Song

The Earth energies continue to change and what you resist will persist.  There are so many things happening in our galaxy right now that even the Earth’s signals are like a child crying and the mother cannot hear her.  We Earthlings experience the ebb and flow of this new grid system our galaxy is acquiring while solar flares amplify the message from the sun: transform.  The Earth sends sound through her movement that is a concert of energy translating into higher frequencies.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and ocean tides all send a message from our planet out into the Universe.  The amount of noise the Earth dwellers produce is causing a static in the signals and the galaxy quickly moves to fix the problem as we weave into a higher vibration.  The Earth’s song could be heard in the days where noise was nothing more than the sound of water rushing through the creek or footsteps on the snow.  Now there are very few places on this planet where noise doesn’t dominate the environment.

The Pacific Rim is a part of this transformation.  As the Earth moves in her tectonic plates we experience earthquakes that free different parts of this magnificent rim.  When it makes the downward plié there will be a pushing up towards the sky that in time will create a new land mass. Waters are rising and the trend of a mini ice age is upon us.

These Earth shifts will happen faster as time and space shift.   Our awareness to these necessary changes will help us to adapt.  I was asked recently “do I buy a boat or get warm camping gear?”  I do not feel either is necessary.  I am watching the emotional barometer while we experience solar flares and wild weather.

The consensus across the board has been fear rising to the surface like a well-hidden secret, demanding to be cleansed before we move further into the fifth dimension.  Noticing your fears and acknowledging them is half the battle of releasing them.  The ego has a strong stance when we do not want to face what we fear.  The key is to feel safe and let the ego step aside so you can see what is plaguing you in your personal drama. Holding on to the drama of these deep seeded fears will once again allow the ego to protect you and keep you from dealing with what is at the core.

As the custodians to this great planet our first duty is to take care of what gives us life.  The next step is to release our attachments with the realization that we are all particles of Divine Love.  There is no greater freedom than to realize who you are at a soul level and surrender your attachments to earthbound things.  We are so caught up in the illusion we have lost hearing the song of the Earth and her daily message that floats up to the heavens like a warm summer breeze.  Turn off the noise in your world and listen!

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Love of Art

The arts are an expression of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Always challenged by the medium, the dancer strives for physical perfection as a sculpture would approach his clay, the vocalist for a sound that is a vibration within their soul, the painter who sees shapes and colors from the depth inside their own historic past.  The actor has an experience that embodies all of these expressions becoming the very character he or she is depicting.  Music has far reaching tentacles that pull us in or push us around like waves at sea.  The instrument of each musician becomes the record keeper in the same way canvas is to the artist.

We do not always understand the message from the visionary or the art, song or play but we know in our hearts it is their voice that speaks out from a place inside their soul that is a window to the universe.

As a visionary I look for how I might best translate the information I receive from the divine and best explain it through language and art.  As we experience the end of a four dimensional reality and watch the Earth and humanity move towards the fifth dimension; it is a race in time and space to the development of a star trek consciousness where mankind seeks other worlds to inhabit and space travel becomes as common as cars and trains.  The fifth dimension will take us into the unknown frontier and unlock many of the secrets we have been sheltered from here on Earth.  We will move into a frequency that not only allows for more telepathy between each of us but also an expression of art that is defining this fifth dimension in ways we have never seen before.   Voices that seem to come from the angelic realm will grace the Earth stage as well as the visual arts blending with technology in ways that change how we look at the Universe.

The challenge for each of us is to discern what we are feeling when we are experiencing any art form.  The true alchemy of art is to invoke such feelings in the audience that they are moved and quite literally changed.   The experience of a play, song, canvas, sculpture or written word touches our very soul and we can only surrender to the transformation.  In all professions there are the creators and the collectors.

May the artists of the world deliver the message from their soul and help to transform humanity as we move into the fifth dimension.  And may the collectors of all art realize how important their roll is.  For each of us have a different karmic path, with a multitude of lessons while we are here on Earth.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

Caring for the Elderly

As I sat in the 9:30 p.m. movie of Sherlock Holmes, the conversation I had with one of my clients kept rolling through my mind.  The high school couple next to us hid under a blanket and I had to keep my psychic abilities focused on the movie.  They were a great reminder of the life span we all experience and feel even when we are old and it is the sparkle left in our eyes.  As my 85 year old Virginia client shared her regret and pain over the way she had neglected her mother when her father died; she described how her mother had suffered from loneliness.

I saw her mother and father standing there in my office as I spoke with her over the phone.   Her feeble voice asked me if her mother would forgive her for being so insensitive to her loss.  Her mother replied that she of course forgave her and she was more than appreciative of the care she gave her at the time of her death.  My client lost her husband after 63 years of marriage and the void is as big as the Grand Canyon.   She has realized something many do not until they are elderly.  The awareness of what we have done to others and how we have treated the people who have loved us the most is often the work left undone and never resolved.  Her comfort in being able to communicate to her mother and receiving that pardon is immeasurable.

My experience in such a healing is humbling to say the least.  We visited with her father who reported on all of the activities of the grandchildren.  Her husband stepped forward and professed a never-ending love and assured her he is there waiting for her.  This is common in the spirit realm in that loved ones are there to receive us when we pass and make our journey to the light.  The appointment was followed by another client who had lost his wife after 45 years of marriage.  With an illustrious career in medicine he thought he had all angles in life beat except for one.  The death of his wife had nearly put him over the top and through numerous conversations that I have facilitated he is finally coming to a place of peace and understanding.  This spiritual man has what any of us have and that is the passion for life and the misconception of the hereafter.  His wife also assured him she is by his side, chasing after the grandchildren and please get the dryer fixed!  Too often we pass by our elderly and forget the pain and suffering they are experiencing due to the fast pace of our own lives.  They are a wealth of information, history, belief systems and incredible stories.  If we take time to talk with them, honor them and hear their pain we might just help ease some of the deeper desires to have completion and resolution to chapters in their lives.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Future & 2012 Predictions

There are many things to look forward to in 2012!  This is the year for transformation and a deeper connection to your spiritual path.  We have sudden changes at the New Year with the financial market doing a frantic dance and the weather around the world creating more disruption.  The eye of the storm however is for humanity to remain calm and tap into the resources of meditation and deep relaxation all the while practicing what you have learned over centuries of lifetimes.  The duality continues to split us apart as if we were all living in an episode of Star Wars and Darth Vader and the Death Star were right outside of our beloved planet.  Seeing this extreme of good and evil shifts the emotional poles of the Earth and the need for truth will come billowing to the top once again as we approach the summer months.

The world environment will settle down after threats are made and fires are put out. The shift is in consciousness.  The Earth will move with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with much of the focus on China and South America. As the pressure builds in humanity so does it reflect in the Earth.  A virus will move across the planet and change the way we view modern medicine.   Our government will go through three phases of change that constitute a new entry for power and alignment with the world.   There will be much more peace from this new process than ever before.

The clouds will rain a fire in the atmosphere that causes humanity to stay indoors at a time when it is warm and humid.   Smoke and ash will cover parts of Europe and Asia.  There will be an opening in the fall that allows for foreign trade to continue with more ease.   December of 2012 is the gateway to the new world and our hard work in raising our vibration to meet what is termed as the golden era and the movement into the fifth realm.  This is the year extra-terrestrials make themselves fully known to humanity. Life on other planets will be discovered and visitations to Earth will be disclosed.  The world market will not collapse but regain speed in the New Year with a hopeful air of recovery for the whole year.  Inflation and debt will be a part of everyday life as this country regains the work force through cottage industry.  The message for 2012 is to spend every moment of everyday walking in a state of meditation.  This will keep your vibration high and help you to meet the new energies of the fifth dimension.  This will also help you to approach your life with each step being a process that aligns you with the Universe.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

Coping with the Holidays

When the holiday season arrives we are once again introduced to the glitter and glow of the retail world and familiar songs of Santa Claus is coming to town. This sensory overload is often stimulating and can also bring up some painful feelings of loss. The passing of a loved one during the holidays is not an easy thing to go through as the very smell of turkey or the sight of the Christmas tree can bring up painful memory of years past.

The timing of the Universe and our loved ones passing is not set by the calendar of events we hold here on Earth. We can heal from this loss by shifting our awareness a couple degrees to better understand how to cope with the passing of a loved one.

When we cross over into the spirit realm we are amerced in divine love as that is our natural state of being. Our deceased loved ones have the responsibility to the family pod we were born into to look after those that remain here on Earth. We do not incarnate again until our job as guardian angel to a grandchild or family member is complete. Often there will be two or three generations on the other side before we start to incarnate again. Reincarnation is the soul’s experience of being born into physical form and having the opportunity to address and clear karmic events from other lifetimes. Karma is the past experiences that went unresolved and are often the situations that never had closure. We repeat events in our lives trying to recreate the feeling so we can heal. We have relationships with people and places that go back in time for centuries.

The loss of a loved one at the holidays or on a birthday is not the revenge of the Universe it is a remembrance of their passing that from the other side is a joyful and remarkable journey back to their natural state of being.

Let’s celebrate this holiday season with the awareness that our loved ones are near us leaving signs like a penny on the floor or a flickering light. Let’s change the course of death and dying to a celebration of returning to the source. Find your peace inside this holiday season with the knowledge that your loved ones are all around you. It is up to us to love at the deepest level of our beings and bring that divine love into our daily lives. Let your grief transform into a higher consciousness and realization that we are mere visitors here on Earth.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

A Deeper Understanding

There are many things in life we are attracted to all with karmic implications.  When you are drawn to different areas of spiritual learning there are some things you might want to consider;

Psychics making there service available can range from extremely talented and gifted to the novice.  For example; some offer with short quick answers without emotional support and others offer a depth that can connect you to the source of your problem.  Then there are clairvoyants who are in the same realm as psychics, the difference that one has some negative connotation and the other is more fun to say!   Palm readers are often thrown under the bus but in fact there are some gifted readers that are hard to find.  The last one I encountered was from Europe.

Astrologers, Numerology, Tarot card readers and dousers are all using tools to formulate their readings.  The interpretation of these tools is greatly dependent upon where the reader is at spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The shamans of the world provide an assortment of experiences that require a high level of trust.  Certainly the novice shaman is not going to take you to the jungles of South America and have you drink their special brew to heighten your senses,  but not knowing more about the ceremonies and who you are going to see can be dangerous.  This is true of all readings.  If there are guides that the reader is communicating with,  who are they and what level of the auric field do they reside in.  Do they see the spirit realm or hear it?  Do they obtain their information from their guides or are they sourcing information from you.  Sourcing means they are hooking up chords to you and literally sucking the information out of you. As in all industries there are the highly trained individuals and the struggling to learn.

I watch many young people nearly self-implode with conflict and desire to understand their gifts and sensitivity.  I too struggled and had the good fortune of my first teacher who recognized my gifts and helped me to develop the grounded template I work from today.   Having a spiritual teacher in India is common practice.  Having a teacher to learn the violin or any art form is required.  I highly suggest the spiritual seeking student to find their teacher and learn.  We have lost that level of respect due to a world that offers soccer, ballet and gymnastics all at the same time;  in an effort to help our children experience many things.  There is something to be said about mastering one thing.  By focusing with one teacher you have the opportunity to learn at a much deeper level.

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The Earth

When we choose to experience nature, we usually feel something: the power of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the breeze that moves through our hair.  There is so much energy in all living things here on Earth.  The very rocks we like to pick up and take home are super charged with the water they came tumbling in on.  The trees and plants all have specific energy that has been over looked for many generations now.  Their medicine is strong and can bring healing as well as cause symptoms we once understood in the past.  Getting back to nature is not a matter of hiking and going to the beach.  Getting back to the Earth is listening for the heart beat that moves through all of life and pulses through our veins.  Watching the bird that crossed your path with an understanding there is a message in this encounter.  Most of us work hard and spend time on our phones communicating through a text, email or a social network.  We might find an Earth ap that keenly displays the weather but it is still void of the real experience.

As we move towards the fifth dimension our telepathic abilities increase along with overall sensitivity.   Making a quantum leap into this new vibration will include reconnecting with the Earth in ways that were once familiar to us.  When we had no technology and we lived off the land we understood her rhythms. We followed the seasons with ritual that lead us to deeper understanding of all of the Earth’s gifts.

As I sat by the river in the shade of a cedar, my guides moved me into the fifth dimension with specific instructions to guide humanity to this new era of indigo energy.  The ground seems softer and the river spoke louder as I navigated through uncharted waters.  The most complex system unfolded and I was acutely aware of being grounded and connected with Divine Love.  The Universe is filled with many energies and a multi-dimensional arena that we have barely begun to understand.   This fifth dimension is a state of higher consciousness that has no attachments to the fourth world and all of the entrapments the ego invests in.  This awareness brings to light that investing in the illusion will no longer be possible and our true path is spiritual in nature.

The shift into the fifth dimension may not be easy for some as the homework we have had for lifetimes has not been accomplished.  Our spiritual work has been compromised through belief systems that ultimately led us away from the very source of life we depend on: the Earth.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Ego, the Heart and the Soul

In a time when our energy is speeding faster than ever we are also contending with all of our systems playing catch up to a vibrational match with the Universe that has everyone feeling as if they are playing in Wimbledon!  Take a deep breath and consider some of the main factors.

The soul remembers your pathway through lifetimes and has the connection to the Universe that is your 911 on speed dial.  The soul has recorded all of your experiences throughout lifetimes as well as the karma you are here to process and release.  This karma has everything to do with unresolved issues from your past including this life.

The heart is where the Universe and the Earth meet within you.  It is also the spokesperson for your soul.  The heart carries us through our lives with the opportunity to experience loving at the deepest level of your being.  We often ignore our heart telling us the truth and opt for a call from the unresolved emotional woundings department.

The ego can be the part of us that feels good about who we are and what we are doing in life.  The tricky part is developing a healthy ego.  A lack of self-esteem often keeps the ego from developing in ways that we are able to be centered with who we are.  Fear and emotional woundings can lead to a false ego.  This is like a trap door that leads to disconnecting from the heart and soul of your life experience.

Applying this to what is happening in the world right now amidst the time and space shift we are all experiencing is to take your soul’s connection to the Universe and the Earth and the voice of your heart and apply these to all situations in life.  The voice of the false ego is easily detected as it feels off and the energy doesn’t match the higher frequencies that are coming through at this time.

Our destiny is to move into the fifth dimension.  As we leave the fourth world, we also leave behind old behavior.

Does this mean your neighbor will stop irritating you and your spouse will finally see your side of things?  No, it means you have the opportunity to take responsibility to build a healthy self-esteem in a time where we absolutely need one to move forward into the fifth dimension.  People will not be able to assimilate the higher frequencies without a strong sense of inner peace.  Meditation, yoga, exercise, music and connecting with the Earth all help to bring you back to center.

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HIGH FREQUENCY energies are bombarding our planet from outside our solar system.

Many people have reported feeling them and it helps to explain much of the chaos and disharmony that is widespread at this time.  The Earth is changing along with our entire galaxy.  As this new energy comes in from the universe it creates portals at various places in the Earth. This allows new frequencies to come through and old energies to be released.  These are higher frequencies that are responsible for the creation of the fifth dimension.  These portals will continue to grow and as they increase in size they will eventually merge with other portals and the Earth will be enveloped in this higher frequency known as the fifth dimension.

The galaxy exists on a grid system that is currently being restructured.   According to filmmaker David Wilcock all of the planets are changing.  He states that every 26 million years all forms of life on Earth spontaneously changes and upgrades from one type of creature to another.  The DNA code gets rewritten.

There are many who have experienced the shifts the Earth is making through their own bodies.   Feeling dizzy, muscle aches and headaches are symptoms of the frequencies changing.  As they restructure our DNA and physical body has to change as well.  The fifth dimension will bring about a new way of experiencing time and energy.

Resistance can cause fear and the need to control.  People are in fear because humanity has had amnesia for a long time.  Waking up to this transformation and raising one’s vibrational level keeps the progression moving forward as souls in bodies on the Earth.  All life forms progress in their evolution of consciousness.

Every culture speaks about a golden age that is coming. Prophesies around the world have issued the end of life as we know it. This is not going to happen as it is simply a shift in energy. As the planet continues to respond to the shift in frequencies in our galaxies grid system we will observe a continuation of weather and land disruption around the globe.   Exercise, yoga, meditation and deep breathing open your being to higher frequencies.  Connecting to Divine Love is the key to this transformation.   When we are in a state of unconditional love we are no longer attached to the duality.  From a state of unconditional love we then create balance within ourselves and as a mirror we reflect and create balance all around us.  By creating balance we help the Earth, humanity and our galaxy transform with ease.

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Most people relate to the word energy around their electric bill and what kind of ‘energy’ is good for the environment.  Taking a much closer look, the human body is surrounded and managed by its very own energy field.  The aura is made up of energy and is directly related to seven energy centers or chakras.

The ancient Hindu Sanskrit word means wheel and views the chakras as whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body entering into the layers of the subtle bodies known as the aura.  Rotating in a clockwise direction, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.
The chakras are connected by energy to the center of the body into the vertical power current.  This fantastic energy source in your body goes all the way up to the heavens and all the way through your body deep into the Earth.   The energy in our auric field has everything to do with our current state of health.  Managing the care for our energy is as important as the care for the physical body.

The planet and every living organism are made up of energy.  We take home rocks from the ocean that have been tumbled to the shore and those rocks have an ‘energy’ that is from deep within the ocean.  That energy can affect us as much as going to the office where we experience a stomach ache while at the morning meeting.  That very stomach ache is often energy.  The energy that we feel is a vibrational match for others in the room. The stomach is governed by the third chakra and often symbolized person power.

We as humans are very sensitive beings.  Most people are highly kinesthetic and feel everything.  This can be extremely debilitating if you do not know how to manage that sensitivity.  Children often feel hyper sensitive and lack direction for gifts that go unrecognized.  As children develop into adults they can experience many coping systems that keep them from feeling this highly charged sensory system.  As a society we witness weight gain or addictions to cope.  It is often a physical crisis that brings us to our energy body.

Everyone has experienced standing next to someone they don’t know and moving away because it didn’t feel right.  That is energy!  Your energy protects you and keeps you safe.  When we keep our energy field clear of unwanted congestion from our daily lives we raise our vibrational rate and consciousness!  Creating a healthy body means addressing the very layers of the auric field.  The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all affect our energy.
This is where managing and caring for one’s energy is critical.  If we are not grounding our energy through meditation we appropriately or inappropriately extend our energy to others.   When we feel drained at the end of the day it is often due to the mismanagement of our energy.  Regaining our balance means taking the time to do the one thing that was compromised long ago; feel our feelings.

If we allow ourselves to embrace our sensitivity we are better equipped to deal with the Earth’s changes. The Earth is a reflection of the same energy systems.  There is energy throughout her body with the atmosphere representing her auric field.   When we understand our own energy system, we can better understand the Earth and the galaxy around us.

We are currently experiencing a reconstruction of the grid system in our galaxy.  As the vibration is raised in our galaxy, humanity will experience a shift into the fifth dimension. Many have noticed their physical forms affected by this energy as more frequent headaches, muscle and body aches as well as dizziness have been prevalent.  The Earth as well has shown us that she too experiences the shift in energy.   Our entire Universe creates energy way beyond what science understands today.  Our attention to our own energy field is the microcosm to the macrocosm of the Universe.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

We are not alone

SonjaThis year presents an awakening for many in consciousness as humanity embraces the fact that there are other life forms in the Universe. The key to this higher awareness is we are not alone. Back to the beginning of time the Earth has been visited and populated with alien life form. There has always been a connection that people have made with extra-terrestrials throughout history that is recorded in the art of the past. The reports from people who have had close encounters as well as the Hollywood depiction of friendly and not so friendly visitors to Earth are a sure sign the duality exists even in our Universe. The many stories told around the world of lights in the sky and visitations are in the millions.

The common form for all life is the spirit body. Extra-terrestrials do not always have a physical body and travel in spirit form. We too travel without bodies in the spirit realm and incarnate into physical form. Is the popular television series ‘Star Trek’ and Captain Kirks finding so off the mark or is this is the wild imagination of Gene Roddenberry? The world has cried out over area 51 and other findings that keep us wondering what is truly out there.

The facts are they are already here and living and working amongst us. They have been adapting and genetically integrating into humanity. They have slightly different characteristics but all in all look human. There are many aliens who live here and remain out of sight as well as those in spirit form. There are extra-terrestrials from all over the Universe that have different characteristics and consciousness. As we experience here on Earth many different levels of consciousness the same exists in space. There are those that want to help us and those who would like to rule over us again. The wakeup call for humanity is that although we have felt superior and at the top of the food chain we are in fact not.

Does this mean you might find yourself in Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Signs’ with a baseball bat in hand thinking swing away? This is a much more sophisticated experience. The duality provides drama and Hollywood depicts the duality with total expertise. The reality is we will attract what we are a vibrational match to. If you are living in fear and afraid of everything including your own shadow then you will manifest scary events that ground and secure your notion of fear and confirm it. If you live in a state of trust and experience life from a place of observing the duality you will manifest much less drama and have the experience of clarity. The key to other life forms existing is to really understand it is a much bigger community that we hail from. There is a serious call to humanity from the higher realms to wake up and not go into the slumber that gets created through checking out. Overeating and over medicating are causing humanity to be absent at a time that we need to be present and fully awake. There is as much importance on understanding the Universe and who lives in it as there is in knowing who your neighbors are and where Nauru is. We have been living in the dark on this matter for too long and the collective consciousness is awakening.

COLUMNS Sonja Grace: Predictions

The Future & 2011 Predictions

Sonja Grace

LAST YEAR’S financial turbulence is this year’s Earth activities. There is much in store for us as the planet changes and reconfigures to the new energies that shift and shape the Universe. The Earth is having  earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and in the next five years an ice age all in preparation for the shift that will take place marked by the Mayan calendar in 2012. These changes are the consciousness of humanity. As caretakers of this planet we experiencing  a wake-up call that will lead to new management for the Earth! The financial realm will continue to grow and increase as real estate receives a boost.  The shift in old leaderships creates a new-found freedom that has been long suppressed. As that energy releases so does the Earth and various challenges for humanity.   The awareness of life elsewhere in the cosmos will come to full realization and perhaps even bring about solutions for the human race.

There is a liberation of information and energy this year that educates and gathers all people to the same page. A world unity will surface in 2012. The preparation for 2012 is happening this year. It is the very shift we are experiencing that is the end of an era and the beginning of the fifth realm. We have been experiencing four dimensions and we will move into the fifth thus creating a higher consciousness for all.

The poles will shift this year and with that comes a higher frequency for all who live on the Earth. It is much the same as what we feel when we finally go to the chiropractor and get that perfect adjustment! The Earth is also a body and needs aligning as much as we do. She is alive and well and responds to the galaxy we are in as well as energies from the Universe. This year our awareness of that energy is coming through and many people who are sensitive will feel it. Those who don’t will simply make the shift as if they rolled over and got up on the other side of the bed!

The economy will continue to be on the rise and although we will experience turbulence all over the globe with the Earth’s activities we will hold strong to creating a stronger economical foundation that will encompass the entire world.

Prophesies have been made for the end of the world over centuries of time. These predictions were recorded from the candlelit corner of long ago without the technology of the internet and global communication. Enduring an earthquake or volcanic eruption in a village that has no contact with the outside world might in fact feel as if the world has ended. These prophesies are narrow in their ability to see beyond the village they were made from. The Earth goes on and humanity changes for the better.  The focus for 2011 is to not resist the inevitable of change but to embrace your participation in creating a new world.