Himani Indian Cuisine Made with Love!

Himani Indian CuisineCUSTOMERS lined up early for the complimentary buffet offered at the much-anticipated opening of Himani Indian Cuisine in Astoria, this last week in May.   It was a generous gift from the Kancharla family to the community.

The Kancharlas have lived in Astoria for nearly two decades, operating several adult foster care homes in the area. Three years ago, Mani Kancharla, wanting to share Indian culture and her love of cooking with her fellow Astorians, opened a food booth at the Sunday Market. The high quality of the fare offered at the stand soon generated many loyal customers who lobbied strongly for a restaurant. Although they have no previous experience operating a restaurant, the Kancharlas have obliged.

Himani Indian CuisineThe first impression upon entering the restaurant is from the warm aroma of exotic spices that infuses the entire space. In contrast, the dining area is appointed with understated elegance. The food is of a level beyond what one might expect to get at an Indian restaurant in a small town like Astoria. Mani Kancharla, who is functionally Himani’s Executive Chef, translates her love of cooking and hospitality into her cuisine. You can taste the love and care that goes into every item, the food is that good.

The ambitious menu offers nearly 50 entrees originating from all over India, with an emphasis on dishes from the south. Southern Indian cuisine revolves around rice or meat. It is rich and aromatic, with a liberal use of exotic spices and ghee (clarified butter).

Nearly half of the entrees are vegetarian with a large variety of curries available. Especially good is Hyderabadi Bagara Baigan, a curry of eggplant stuffed with peanut, coconut and sesame seed paste; flavored with tamarind and served with Basmati rice. The complex layering of flavors in the curry marries well with the eggplant resulting in a satisfying dish that this writer will want to eat again and again.

Himani Indian Cuisine
Executive Chef Mani Kancharia (r), and son Will, restaurant manager.

South Indian specialties available at Himani include dosa: crepes made from lentil and rice flour served with coconut chutney and sambar (a spicy vegetable stew).  Biriyani: rice with seasonings and meat and/or vegetables slow-cooked in a sealed pot is another traditional Southern dish.

A favorite of this writer is the Biriyani with Lamb. Rice with succulent chunks of lamb marinated in yogurt and spices is slow-cooked to perfection. The tender lamb nearly melts in the mouth; the rice absorbs all of the flavors of the meat juices and seasonings. A cool riata of seasoned yogurt is served on the side.

Himani Indian CuisineAnother personal favorite, not listed on the menu, but available at the Lunch Buffet is Rasam: a broth-like soup made with tamarind, tomato, chili and spices. The sweet-sour of the tamarind together with the subtle heat of the chili will cause me to crave Rasam some cold winter day when I am feeling under the weather.

Prices at Himami are moderate with appetizers and sides running from $2 – $8, entrees $9 – $18, beverages and desserts are $2 and $4, respectively. The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is $10.

Himani Indian Cuisine is located in downtown Astoria at 1044 Marine Drive.

Open Monday – Saturday with only the lunch buffet available from 11am – 2:30pm, and dinner from the menu at  5 – 9pm. Himani will also be at the Astoria Sunday Market from 10am – 3pm until October 9.


Astoria Music Festival 2011 • June 17-24

Sergey Antonov
Cellist Sergey Antonov, Festival Favorite

BICENTENNIAL BEETHOVEN is the theme this year for the 9th Annual Astoria Music Festival. While the Columbia River shore was in raw transition, a place of hope for immigrants and pioneers, a place of loss to American Indians, one of the world’s most influential composers was creating the stirring Symphony No. 7, known for its expression of spontaneity, and a favorite work of Beethoven himself.  Written in 1811, Russian cellist Sergey Antonov, beloved returning festival artist, performs this ode to Astoria’s founding year with one of Ludwig’s most romantic themes and opens the festival on Friday, June 17.

A second theme stands out for AMF 2011. VOCAL EXPLOSION. And a third . . . AWARD Winners! This year the corridors of the Liberty Theater will fill with unadulterated vocal forte. Honoring the maturity of AMF, and its ever-growing respect for excellence in summer music festivals, 20 year Met vet, and one of America’s finest sopranos, and by all measures the embodiment of the Coloratura Diva, RUTH ANN SWENSON, makes a rare Northwest appearance. San Francisco Classical Voice describes her, “with technique to spare; power, agility, effortless projection!!!!!

Ruth Ann Swenson
Ruth Ann Swenson graces the AMF Stage

Ms. Swenson will appear in solo with the Festival Orchestra on Sunday, June 19 in a concert of Mozart and Mahler. Not to miss. In addition, in a mid-week music event at the CCC PAC,  Swenson and opera coach David Burnakus lead a rare public master class with AMF vocal apprentices, as they put the finishing touches on “The Marriage of Figaro.” (This year the Vocal Apprentice Program will return in July to stage the opera in OPERA FOR 5 BUCKS at the Astoria Arts and Movement Center.) The second part of the program will view the Academy Award winning film In the Shadow of the Stars, featuring Swenson and Burnakus in a behind-the-scenes view of the San Francisco Opera Chorus.  In addition to AMF formal classical performances, these sideshows, so to speak, bring accessibility, and shear fun to the festival music.

Angela Meade
Angela Meade, Richard Tucker Award Winner

The winner of the 2011 prestigious Richard Tucker award, is an up and coming soprano, born and raised in Centralia, Washington, ANGELA MEADE.  The operative guideline for the Richard Tucker Award is that it be awarded to an American singer poised on the edge of a major national and international career. It is hoped that the award acts as a well-timed catalyst to elevate the artist’s career to even greater heights, in addition to a $30,000 cash award. Previous winners include Ruth Anne Swenson and Rénee Fleming.

Angela Meade will be featured in the festival season’s concert production opera selection, Verdi’s “Il Trovatore.” She is joined by principal and founding member of the festival and foremost American baritone Richard Zellar, (whose gutsy rendition of “Bill” from Carousel at AMF 2010 blew everybody joyously away). The duo, which performed last summer in Portland’s Washington Park have Oregonian critics steering audiences to this coming AMF performance.

VERDI’S IL TROVATORE tells of Gypsies, love triangles, unrelenting revenge and many a familiar opera theme, not excluding the ANVIL CHORUSThe North Coast Chorale will do the honors, as well the Coast’s favorite baritone Deac Guidi plays the role of Ferrando. Go early, at 6:30pm – Robert Kingston of the Portland Opera delivers a preview on the work. Go earlier and enjoy a Happy Hour Concert, ($10), featuring violinist Roy Malan, Ian Scarfe, piano and friends for Gypsy-inspired music. Saturday, June 25.

Richard Zeller
Baritone Richard Zellar

Astoria’s Music Festival Director Keith Clark is a busy conductor who graces the AMF stage with his conducting as well as his unmatchable charm and prowess when it comes to educating audiences in performance previews – bringing a fresh and always timely context to the works. This year due to his schedule, qualified stand-ins will continue the tradition, so important to Clark in expressing the connection to classical themes and to the significance of keeping symphonic music alive and well in the 21st century.

So important that Clark and last year’s AMF production of WOZZECK are semi-finalists in the new AMERICAN PRIZE, a national organization with a mission to bolster small company opera performance and conducting. AMF and Clark are the only West Coast candidates in the opera division.

The formation of the The American Prize,  is based on excellence, not restricted to famous names, or any single city on either coast, or the most prestigious companies, but according to its chief judge David Katz is based on “talent, love of the art, hard work and commitment that makes the difference.”

In 2009, AMF saw a noted 15% in ticket sales. In 2010, a 20% increase in sales. And in 2011, an unprecedented increase in pre-sales. It has steadfastly become a summer opera opportunity par excellence on the west coast, while other opera companies are taking a rest.

BeethovenPresident of the Board of AMF LEENA RIKER is happy to report these numbers. While funding is always the challenge in the arts, it is the people behind the organizations that either make it work, or it doesn’t. This is Riker’s third season. Riker is the person who makes sure the singers are coming, she is the business backbone behind the scenes. An all-volunteer position, Riker in her 70’s, proves that life experience is of the utmost value.  In addition to a gracious commitment of time and care for this festival, you can’t really put a price on that.  A collective operatic BRAVO to Ms. Riker for doing the hard work so that we can all reap the benefits of this amazing musical feat that occurs every June.

Ticket sales don’t pay the piper for any festival, but then again, they speak loudly to benefactors. And quality of performance speaks loudly to audience. This is why ticket buyers and critics are catching on to AMF. This publication puts the music festival on the cover every year. Yes, the publisher is a biased music lover – a biased music lover who voraciously encourages you to get some tickets. You have two weeks not to screw-up.  Live orchestral music is on the up, as is acoustic music of all genres, and people dancing! Despite our new dependency on a different kind of lit screen – lets hope it’s our new version at a chance for more freedom to experience “human” potential, and that “art”remains our essential.

Handel and His Mad King • Sat June 18
This promises to be an exciting evening as AMF 2010 tenor John Duykers returns. Duykers memorably portrayed the Captain in AMF’s Wozzeck, and is a prominent American operatic tenor, known for his work in modern and contemporary opera. Duykers career has involved testing the waters on new projects.
One of his most celebrated roles was that of Mao Tse-Tung (an extraordinarily testing part) in the 1987 world-premiere of John Adams’ Nixon in China, which was televised (winning an Emmy Award), and recorded (winning a Grammy Award).

The Mad King
John Duykers is The Mad King

AMF 2011 Duykers brings to the stage, EIGHT SONGS FOR A MAD KING. This is a staged theater piece for singing actor and instruments. Composed in the 70’s by Peter Maxwell Davies, it was written specifically for a South African actor who specialized in advanced vocal technique. It requires the performer to sing in both bass and alto registers as well as produce a vast range of other sounds. In essence, to express madness. In an interview with Davies, he stated it was not a piece that he had considered for additional performances, and thus the work has probably not been performed too frequently. The inspiration behind the piece was a musical box, with which George III (who did eventually die through a long mental illness), had reputedly tried to teach his birds to sing. Classical reviewer Robert Hugill describes it as a music-theatre piece that gives a visceral thrill in performance.

Also on the performance roster for the eve, is music by Handel, (the Kings favorite composer) with SOPRANO AMY HANSON, ORGANIST JULIA BROWN and the North Coast Chorale; Music from Solomon and Samson and Organ Concerto in F Major, (a virgin instrument to AMF 20011).  A Prelude show at 6:30pm features Amy Hanson singing English Lute Songs.  Featured concert at 7:30pm at the Liberty Theater.

Joanne RideoutON the Road with Mozart: An Evening of Words and Music
Thur. June 23
Coast Community Radio’s Joanne Rideout tells the story of “Mozarts Journey to Prague, ” a romantic fantasy depicting the composer and his wife on the way to the opening night of Don Giovanni. Funny, moving, the story paints a picture of Mozart’s creative genius – it heights and depths. The work is based on Edward Morike’s masterpice of German Literature. Joanne is joined by soprano Amy Hanson, Baritone Deac Guidi and the Festival Chamber Players. 7:30pm at the CCC PAC. Tickets are available at the door, $15.

Too Much Coffee Man • The Comic Book Opera
Tues. June 27
Its back – with a refill!  AMF 2010, Too Much Coffee Man stole the show, as they say, and charged up even the decaf drinkers in the audience. Comic book author SHANNON WHEELER collaborated with opera composer Daniel Stevens Craft, and debuted the work to sold out audiences at the Portland Center for Performing Arts in 2006.  Since then there has been a sequel, and for those who attended last years performance, there’s more. The brilliantly funny comic chamber opera is certainly worth a second cup, sequel or not. (and yes, we find out what happens to the hot Barista).

Too Much Coffee Man
Too Much Coffee Man is in for a refill!

Too Much Coffee Man, is a caffeine-addled Superhero-Everyman who’s in love with his barista. Trouble brews when Espresso Guy, a cynical opportunist, also makes a play for the ambitious but frustrated young barista. The characters must resolve the age-old dilemma: Can coffee and relationships co-exist?

Accompanying the trio of performers is a trio of musicians; piano, string bass and clarinet. The score is refreshingly modern, and quirky. STACEY MURDOCH ( a former AMF opera performer), embodies the anxious-ridden, over-the-top Coffee Man with continual internal dialogues on love and insecurities, (sporting a very large mug on his head and red lycra body suit). Murdoch is a talented singer with a healthy set of pipes and dollops of comic genius. Its one thing to put on a ridiculous get-up, and another to give it life.

A treat this year for comic book enthusiasts, author Shannon Wheeler will be in Astoria for the performance and will sign copies of Too Much Coffee Man. AMAZING STORIES Comic Book Store in Astoria will have fresh copies in soon. Wheeler is also currently up for a 2011 EISNER COMIC BOOK AWARD.

7:30pm, CCC PAC, 16th & Franklin, $15.

Kid Classics 4 Kids •  Sat., June 18, June 25
Family Concert and Troll Radio Review Radio Broadcast
Musical stories for kids of all ages hosted by Debbie Twombly and featuring Astoria Music Festival musicians, the Troll, Stinky Toadwort, and the Troll Radio Review Theater Troupe. Broadcast live on Coast Community Radio, KMUN and KTCB. 11:00am. Both dates. Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center. Free admission with a contribution of canned goods to the Clatsop County Action Food Bank at the door.

Chamber Music At the Churches •  Sun., June 19, 26
Enjoy short informal recitals of chamber music at Astoria Historic Churches at 11:30pm. FREE and post concert refreshments. First Presbyterian Church, 1103 Grand, and First United Methodist Church , 1076 Franklin, respectively.

This year the Music Festival honors Steve Forrester, Publisher/Editor of the Daily Astorian and leader in the Liberty Theatre Restoration. This is a tradition closing AMF, with music and dinner, this year to be held at the Bankers Ballroom following the Beethoven X3 Grand Finale Concert on Sunday, June 26.

AMF Tickets and Full Schedule
The AMF office in downtown Astoria is located at 1271 Commercial in Astoria. 503.325.9896. You can pick up a brochure with a full schedule of events to help you pick and choose events. SINGLE TICKETS are available ranging from $15 – $35. FIRST AND SECOND WEEKEND PASSES are available – these are Best Seat Tickets for 3 events, $80. A Platinum Card includes ALL 9 EVENTS including the Awards Dinner, $250. Festival Gold, ALL 9 EVENTS $175.

Tickets are available through the Liberty Theater Box Office, Tue. – Sat., 2pm – 5:30pm, 503.325.5922, Ext. 55, or on the web, For more info go to:

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Nature of Things

Nature of Things
Eight years away and I have gone back to church. Not just once a week, but twice. My churches are an “ecstatic dance” group and a late-evening Spanish-language mass in Manzanita. What lured me back were the people and the communal sharing of spirit that, in my mind, defines church. My definition of church is formed in defiance of old norms. It fills the vacuum created by my conscious, if temporary, jettisoning of the institution and is as wide and rich as the spectrum of religion and ideology. It is a definition that allows me to share spiritual community, on some level, with almost anyone.

Institutions of all stripes can draw bold lines that exclude people, or elevate to supreme importance doctrines that divide. Yet spirit unifies—in spite of those who wish to meld it to their purposes, to stake a claim to it. The divine spirit in us all is identical and one can no more sculpt and contain it than wind. Spirit unifies, and thus rattles the bigoted religious as well as the bigoted non-religious (whose bigotry is often aimed at the religious). It unseats those who would use it as a tool to dominate. Spirit breathes life into everyone, even those so resistant to spirit, so dedicated to burying it that they seem to be holding their breath.

In truth, I tend to choke on the edges of religious creed. I carry into any religious or spiritual experience more doubt than actual belief. Yet I can simultaneously honor the life-giving religious and spiritual creeds we humans have developed. A creed is nothing more than a system or formulation of core beliefs, and most of us have core beliefs. We may not recite them communally as creeds, and hopefully we do not use our core beliefs as weapons. Yet this doesn’t change the fact that we have them. When the hard angles of creed are used like sharp elbows, to shove people out, to define who is unwanted rather than to iterate vitalizing understandings, then I believe creeds can do more harm than good. Otherwise, they are formulations by groups of like-minded individuals that infuse life with meaning.

The pinnacle of the church experience for me is the connecting of spirit in myself and others. At Santa Catalina, I most experience this in the “passing of peace.” This is a moment in the service, characteristic of liturgical traditions, when people walk around the sanctuary and share “the peace,” shaking the hand of one person after another and saying “la paz.” With each passing of the peace, my spirit goes on a little mating mission, if you can pardon the earthiness of my analogy. The spirit in me looks into the smile of another, touches the radiant fingers of another, and connects with his or her spirit for a potent moment. One hand bony and fragile, another rough, another gentle and passive, almost limp, another childlike, tiny and sweaty and velveteen. Each hand, the portal to a soul.


Seaside Library Writer Series

Wanted: Gentlemen Bank Robber
Author Dane Batty

WantedThursday May 19, at 7pm Seaside Library hosts Dane Batty author of “WANTED: Gentleman Bank Robber”.  The event takes place in the Community Room and there will be book sales, signings, and refreshments.

Author Dane Batty provides readers with a seldom seen look behind the scenes of the life of an expert bank robber.  He gives voice to his uncle, Leslie Rogge, who was once one of the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and featured on the television show America’s Most Wanted, robbing nearly 30 banks and stealing over $2 million dollars.  The chase lasted over 20 years, with three escapes, a sailing trip around the Caribbean, and adventures from Alaska to Antigua.  But it all came to a halt when a 14 year old in Guatemala forced him to turn himself in.

Author Dane Batty resides in Oregon and still finds time to visit his uncle who now lives out his prison sentence at the United States Penitentiary in Beaumont Texas.

Seaside Public Library is located at 1131 Broadway, across from the Youth Center and Swimming Pool.  For more information call (503)738-6742 or visit us at and
River of Words RAIN Fundraiser

Brian DoyleGather together for an evening of  exceptional literary company on Friday, June 3 at 6:30pm.  Northwest authors Robert Michael Pyle and Brian Doyle, are the featured guests on the roster for Clatsop Community literary magazine RAIN.

Needing no introduction in these parts, Robert Michael Pyle, noted naturalist and resident of Grays River, Washington has published 12 books and hundreds of papers, essays, stories and poems. His acclaimed 1987 book Wintergreen describing the devastation caused by unrestrained logging in Washington’s Willapa Hills near his adopted home was the winner of the 1987 John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Nature Writing. His latest, “Mariposa Road: The First Butterfly Big Year”, chronicles his adventures across the continent in 2008 to view and document as many of the native butterflies as possible.

Robert Michael PylePyle is joined by Doyle, award-winning author, essayist, and editor of the University of Portland’s award-wining Portland Magazine. Doyle’s books include Saints Passionate & Peculiar, Credo, & Two Voices. Two Voices won a Christopher Award and a Catholic Press Association Book Award.

A suggested $10 donation includes a copy of RAIN. Baked Alaska is located  at the foot of 12th, on the River Walk in Astoria.  Sponsored by RAIN Magazine, Cannery Pier Hotel, Baked Alaska, and Hipfish.
On Seeing, and Being Seen By, a Mink,
Early One Morning by a Serious River,
By which I mean, you know, a river with some sprawl in it,
Some wet fat, a river ludicrously deeper than it seems to be,
A river you can’t throw a rock over no matter how cool you
Think you are, a river with residents you never hardly really
Actually see, but give you the willies when you do, like this
Mink looking at me with, God bless us, a snake in its mouth.
All sorts of thoughts cross my mind and almost certainly his,
And I am sure the mink is a guy, from the I’d come up there
And kick your ass but I am busy stare, which I have received
Many times in life. I think about having snakes for breakfast,
And about how a mink is mostly a muscle, and how the river
Must savor many mink, and what the local geese think about
All this, and what the mink thinks of a mammal with glasses,
Sipping coffee on the bench. Probably I’d come up there and
Kick your ass but I am busy, but you never know, and I think
This is the point of the lesson this morning and every blessed
Morning, yes? There are many mink and we just never know.
— Brian Doyle
SurvivalOn The Edge of Survival
Deadliest Catch Author Spike Walker

Thursday May 26, at 7pm the Seaside Public Library welcomes acclaimed author Spike Walker whose books inspired the hit television show “Deadliest Catch”.  The event will take place in the Community Room and there will be book sales, signings, and refreshments.

Spike Walker spent more than ten seasons aboard some of the most successful crab boats in the Alaskan fleet, and rode out one of the worst storms in Alaska’s history.  His first book, “Working On the Edge” was hailed by James Michener as “the definitive account of this perilous trade”.  He is the author of “Nights of Ice” and “Coming Back Alive”.  His latest book, “On the Edge of Survival”, is the account of the daring rescue of a freighter that was grounded off the Aleutian Islands.  Spike provides a minuet by minuet account of the rescue mission that was compounded when a USCG helicopter was hit by a rogue wave, sending it into frigid waters.

Seaside Public Library is located at 1131 Broadway across from the Youth Center and Swimming Pool.  For more information call (503)738-6742 or visit us at and Border
Northwest Author Jim Lynch
Reads at CB Library

Acclaimed Northwest Author Jim Lynch comes to the Cannon Beach Library. Lynch’s latest book BORDER SONGS was a 2009 best pic by numerous literary reviews across the nation.
A magnificent novel of birding, smuggling, farming and extraordinary love on the Canadian border, Lynch is noted for his originality and ability to create the most memorable characters in recent fiction. His humor and metaphoric prowess compared to Ken Kesey and Tom Robbins. Border Songs is also Lynch’s second novel be adapted for stage by Book-It theater n Seattle.
CB Library, Saturday, May 14, 2pm, 131 N. Hemlock.


Artist Call

THE CANNON BEACH GALLERY is pleased to announce that Carl Annala, the Cultural Arts Program Supervisor for the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, will be the guest juror for our next All Juried Show.  Artists interested in submitting work to the show should bring their submissions to the gallery on Thursday, June 2 between 10am-4pm.  The exhibition will run from June 4-June 20, 2011.

The Juried Show program at the non-profit Cannon Beach Gallery is one of the unique offerings of the Cannon Beach Arts Association.  It provides both emerging and professional artists the opportunity to submit their original artwork for consideration by a guest curator.

TAMI’S BARBERSHOP IN GARIBALDI is still looking for artists to create 3’ x 3’ paintings with a coastal theme.  The paintings will be mounted on an outside wall of the barbershop to create a collage effect.  Please give Tami a call at 322-2228 if you are interested, or drop in at the barbershop to see Tami.

There are no deadlines for this project.  Tami will provide the boards for artists to paint on.  (How about making this a  group project?  The group could meet at the Arts Center to discuss design ideas, present them to Tami for approval, and then work together on creating the collage (or perhaps just  part of the collage) for the barbershop.  Contact Bay City Arts Center FMI: 503.377.9620.


Geometric Origami Class: Folding Paper into Modular Shapes

Origami CollageTEACHING will be primarily through demonstration.  Students will also learn to follow written directions with origami folding symbols for each shape. Students are asked to bring 36 sheets of 6” by 6” origami paper. Recycled maps will be available for the 12 piece “ring”. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate folders, ages 10 to adult.

Barbara Baum Freethy, M.Ed. is a private practice therapist in Portland, ME., working with children who are challenged by attention deficit and autism spectrum disorders.  She frequently uses origami as an expressive therapy tool to enhance children’s self-esteem and creativity. Barbara is also a paper artist who has been teaching paper folding to adults and children for the past 15 years.

Sunday, May 22, 1:00 – 3:30 pm Hoffman Center, 594 Landeda Ave., Manzanita.

Cost: $30. To register, please visit


Seaside High School Student Art Show

Seaside High School Art ShowDuring the month of May, the Seaside Public Library will host its annual exhibit of art work created by Seaside High School students.  The show explores a range of media including clay, collage, paintings, drawings and multi-media.  The title of this year’s show is “Spring Gleaning”.  The exhibit will run from May 3rd to May 31st and will be in the Community Room, foyer, and main library.

Located at 1131 Broadway, across from the Youth Center and Swimming Pool.  For more information please call (503)738-6742 or visit us at and


Rosie Bergeron At PPP

Grocery ShoppingIN MAY, Pier Pressure Productions, is featuring the work of Rosie Bergeron, gallery manager, artist, and resident of Brooklyn, NY, with the original piano compositions by Christopher Andrew Corbell. Bergeron’s dramatic wood block prints are images of daily life.  They are a celebration of the mundane, be it washing dishes, buying groceries, or walking about the neighborhood. She likes to use the images as a meditation on contemporary femininity and an examination of her autobiographical “theater”.

“As a native of the Pacific Northwest I was taught relief and sculptural wood carving by my father in our basement. He is an avid fan of native American woodworking and when I was growing up I would assist him in classes he taught to the locals. When I entered college and took my first woodcut print class I was hooked. The transformation of carved wood to multiple paper prints was a way to link my past with things I wanted to talk about in the present.”

Artist reception for Astoria 2nd Saturday Art Walk, May 14, 5-9pm. PPP is located at 260 10th St.


Dale Flowers at Old Town Frame

Dale Flowers
Daffodils by Dale Flowers

LIKE MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY, Astoria artist Dale Flowers, gets up close and personal with Prismacolor pencil in a series of work dedicated to “flowers” cultivated on the Pacific Northwest coast. “Each flower that is used as the subject matter is drawn in a series of six to eight drawings over a period of a month, refining and exploring the design.” These bright studies, most 22” by 28” are big in color and form. The artist is featured through the month of May. Artist Reception is Sat, May 14, Astoria 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Old Town Frame is located 1287 Commercial, 503.325.5221.


The Art & Psyche Show

Nancy Karacand

Art and the Psyche are mystically intertwined.  Life passages, transitions, changes in health, job, or  relationships– all of these Transformative  areas of life – can be brought to life  in artistic form – and often are in the area of art therapy.

On May 14, 5-9pm The Art & Psyche Show will be on display at the Astoria Music Festival Office located at 1271 Commercial Street, during the Second Saturday Astoria Art Walk.

Presented by Yvonne Edwards and Nancy Karacand, both trained psychotherapists who share a love of art as a creative therapeutic medium for  emotional growth and healing– the Art & Psyche show will offer a variety of unique art processes.

According to Edwards, “Art & Psyche is a creative multi-media process that I use as an adjunct to psychotherapy.  We are always growing, developing, transitioning and evolving from a familiar state of being to an unknown state of becoming. These art exercises enhance psychological self-discovery and insight – for people who are in therapy – as well as those who are not.   It leads to self-directed evolution, experiential dialogue with our art, and a renewed appreciation for the richness of our own inner world – one with heart and meaning.”

Yvonne Edwards

Karacand’s work for the show will center on creating a series of stone and beaded pendants that will reflect the colors and qualities of the chakras.  She has been a Healing Touch practitioner for the past 10 years and incorporates her awareness of energetic healing into the creation of each unique piece.
The Art & Psyche show developed after several workshops the pair held, and exhibits  include: The Maori drawing, The Five Universal Shapes, the Illustrated Journal, the Mandala, the tile mosaic of one’s Life Path, mask-making, dream painting, drawing a safe place, doll making and other art.  Janet Maher also brings samples of her work with Soul Collage.

Karacand and Edwards will continue throughout the year with workshops, women’s gatherings, children’s Art Camps, and other community focused events. FMI: contact Yvonne Edwards at 503 338 7202 or Nancy Karacand at 503 325 9217.


Impressions of New Zealand – Marie Powell at RiverSea Gallery

New Zealand art
Bouquet at Dusk by Marie Powell

Vibrant, energetic imagery of exotic plant life takes on a celebratory nature in artist Marie Powell’s newest series of monotypes, “Impressions of New Zealand”.  Resident of both the Long Beach Peninsula and New Zealand, Powell is constantly exploring new ways, mediums and subject matter. Her most recent art endeavors involve her passion and fascination with printmaking. Attend the reception held for Astoria’s Second Saturday Artwalk, from 5 – 8 pm, May 14th. The artwork will remain on display through May 31st.

Powell has been an artist on the Long Beach Peninsula for many years.  After a 19 year high school teaching career, she now devotes full time to creating prints, oils, and mixed media work. Having grown up in a semi-rural environment of the Pacific Northwest, she has always been drawn to the outdoors and the natural world and incorporated the scenes and feelings of the coast and its natural flora and fauna into her paintings and prints. Eventually, this carried over into her work in New Zealand, where she has been a part-time resident for many years. Working independently at the Te Kowhai Print Trust in the township of Whangarei, Powell produced her newest series of monotypes where native plants have actually been “embossed” into the paper, leaving the lovely textures and shapes of the plant images on each piece.

RiverSea Gallery is open daily at 1160 Commercial Street, call 503-325-1270, or visit the website at


The Motherhood Show at CB Gallery

Lady Takes the Stairs
Lady Takes the Stairs by Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev

Northwest artists Nikki McClure, Liz Haley and Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev are the featured artists presented in The Motherhood Show exhibited through the May at the Cannon Beach Gallery.  The Motherhood Show highlights the dynamic artistic abilities of the three women who all have ties to the DIY (do-it-yourself) art movement of Olympia, Washington.  A celebration of the ultimate act of creation, the Motherhood Show is also an exploration of how women continue to develop their careers as artists after having children.

In celebration of this exhibit, art patrons are encouraged to come into the gallery during the month of May and ask for the “Mother’s Discount,” which is 10% off of any purchase for anyone with a mother (that should cover you, dear reader).

Girl in Lake
Source by Nikki McClure

The most well known artist of the group, Nikki McClure, creates intricate paper-cut illustrations that celebrate the grace of everyday domestic scenes and nature.  McClure’s work appears nationally in books, an annual calendar, cards and posters.  McClure will be showing 14 original paper-cuts in the Motherhood Show.

A recent transplant to Cannon Beach, Oregon; Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev has quickly become involved in the northern Oregon Coast’s burgeoning art scene.  An active gallery docent at the Cannon Beach Gallery, Pfaff-Shalmiyev has been in many of the galleries recent juried shows.  She is also a member of Astoria’s Lightbox Photographic, where she has been doing the majority of her darkroom work for her “Your Love Will Break My Heart,” series of autobiographical photographs, writing, and mixed media works.

A self described, “bicoastal feminist artist,” Pfaff-Shalmiyev calls New York City home as well as Cannon Beach, Oregon. Born in Russia in 1978, Pfaff-Shalmiyev immigrated to New York City in 1990 and then attended college at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In Olympia, she deepened her interest in feminist politics and art, joined bands, wrote fanzines and curated art shows that explored the validity of confessional and confrontational narrative.

Space Homestead
Space Homestead by Liz Haley

“Expected to hide our disappointment, and unable to name the void that aspects of mothering can create in other parts of our lives, the artist asks herself if “things” have gotten “better” for women, “ Pfaff-Shalmiyev explained.

“The friendships and the body you remember are gone, but somehow no amount of humiliation and alienation could make the tugs on your heartstrings feel any less magical,” continued Pfaff-Shalmiyev.

Inspired by the many women she has met since moving to Cannon Beach, Pfaff-Shalmiyev aims to capture the ecstatic joy and the humbling vulnerability explored in her images for the Motherhood Show.

Another recent transplant to the coast, Liz Haley is living in Seaside, Oregon with her young family. Born as the youngest of six children in 1972, Haley is equally inspired by the concepts of community and escape.  An artist, filmmaker, musician and curator, Haley’s work has been widely exhibited, including at the Anthology of Film Archive, New York; the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle.  In 2005, she co-founded Valentines, an art, music and performance space in Old Town, Portland, Oregon.

The Cannon Beach Gallery is located at 1064 S. Hemlock St. 503-436-0744 or go to


North Head Lighthouse Benefit Concert with Radio Cowboy

Radio CowboyThe North Head lighthouse is in need of restoration.  For 113 years, this iconic tower has stood watch on the northwestern headland of Cape Disappointment.  As the primary, outer coast lighthouse it has served to guide mariners safely into the mouth of the Columbia River.  Over the years, the marches of time and the elements have left their indelible marks on the lighthouse, and now its service to us must be returned.  The North Head lighthouse needs our help.

The Keepers of the North Head Lighthouse formed in 2009 to insure a steadfast vigil and sound legacy for the lighthouse.  The Keepers have been promoting awareness, raising publicity and spearheading the movement to restore the North Head lighthouse.

SATURDAY, MAY 14TH, the Keepers host musical trio, RADIO COWBOY, at the Columbia-Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco, WA.  All proceeds from the concert will go to the restoration of North Head. 7pm, $10.00 suggested donation.  Refreshments will be provided and also available by donation.

RADIO COWBOY includes national FROGTOWN recording and touring artist Heather Christie, Emmy-Winning musician Philip Pelletier, and San Francisco based singer/songwriter David Miottel. Radio Cowboy combines sounds inspired by artists like Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, Gillian Welch, Counting Crows, Emmy Lou Harris, Mark Knopfler and Dead Can Dance, creating a harmony loaded, atmospheric twang that everyone enjoys.

FMI: Steve Wood, Cape Disappointment State Park, (360) 642-3029,


United Paws Offers New Program: “A Trip to Snip!”


In addition to regular financial assistance to low-income residents for their cats and dogs and to the caregivers of feral cats, United Paws of Tillamook is adding a new service thanks to a north county veterinarian.  The most effective way for United Paws to spend supporter donations is to have what are called “clinics,” when at least one veterinarian performs spay/neuter surgeries all day.  United Paws is now able to hold such clinics approximately once a month for the pets of the economically disadvantaged and for those residents who care for feral cats.  Regardless of income, anyone wishing to help feral cats may take advantage of this service.  Trapping assistance and humane traps may be available, depending on volunteer and trap availability.  In addition, if clients cannot take their cat or dog to the clinic, because they cannot drive or do not have access to transportation, volunteers will pick up and transport the animals to the clinic, then back home again.

Each clinic will focus on one part of the county: south, central, or north.  United Paws is therefore calling upon all low-income residents with dogs or cats in need of spaying or neutering and all residents feeding feral cats who haven’t been sterilized to call the United Paws hotline and leave a message to make a reservation for an upcoming clinic: (503) 842-5663.

Not just spay and neuter
In addition to spay/neuter surgery, cats and dogs will receive pain medication and, if necessary, antibiotics.  Cats will receive mandated inoculations as well as flea and ear mite treatment; and they’ll be wormed.  Dogs will receive a distemper vaccination and will be wormed if necessary.  Rabies inoculations for either dogs or cats are the responsibility of the owner or caretaker.

“A Trip to Snip!” is not free.  United Paws will work with clients to establish an affordable fee, due when the client delivers the animal to the clinic or when the animal is picked up by volunteers.  This is to ensure appointments are kept.  The veterinarian is giving up one of his free days, so United Paws must ensure his time isn’t wasted as a result of no-shows.  Another reason United Paws must ask for payment toward this service is that all funds to carry out United Paws’ programs are raised by volunteers through private donations from the general public, grants, fundraising events, and adoption fees.  Volunteers receive no compensation, not even for gas.  United Paws receives no financial support from the county or any national group, and not one cent goes to salaries.  United Paws endeavors to get the most out of every dollar, and “A Trip to Snip!” guarantees that.  The more clients using this service can pay, the more United Paws can help others who also need the program.

Successful history
United Paws has been operating and offering critical animal services in Tillamook County since 2003. To date, United Paws has spayed and neutered more than 4,650 county cats and dogs who would not otherwise have been sterilized.  The group has thereby reduced the number of unwanted and abandoned animals, as well as alleviated and prevented animal suffering as a result of homelessness.  Since January 1, 2011, United Paws has sterilized more than 280 cats and dogs.

Emergency care
In addition to spay/neuter services, United Paws also runs Annie’s Emergency Fund to provide veterinary care for those animals in immediate need of help, such as to treat pain resulting from a traffic accident.  In 2010, United Paws paid more than $61,000 to local veterinarians to cover spay/neuter and emergency services.


Exploring Our Oceans: The Mysteries of the Tides and Tidepool Life

BootsA new temporary exhibit opens at the Cannon Beach History Center

The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum will host a dedication reception and lecture for the new temporary exhibit “Exploring our Oceans: the Mysteries of the Tides and Tidepool Life” on Wednesday, May 11, at 7 p.m.

Donna Lenius, Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP) Marine Educator and Volunteer Coordinator, will explore the vibrant world between the tides and the extravagant wildlife visitors can see in the intertidal zone in her lecture “A Walk in the Tidepools: A Glimpse of the Ocean.”

The dedication reception will begin at 7 p.m., and will feature wine and refreshments. The reception will allow attendees a chance to view the exhibit, which was produced in partnership with HRAP and features historical artifacts, photography, and sea life specimens from tidepools.

From 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Lenius will examine what lives in the tidepools, the great lengths that life goes to exist there, and how the tidepool ecosystem is translated into a classroom.

This event is free and open to the public. Call 503-436-9301 for more information, or visit


Garage Sale

The Cannon Beach Women’s Auxiliary, American Legion, will hold their annual Garage Sale on SATURDAY MAY 21ST, 2011, from 9am to 4pm. The Sale is held at the Legion Hall in Mid-town.  This sale features lamps, furniture, bedding, kitchen wares, holiday decorations, books and much more.  Sorry, no clothing, shoes or large appliances.

Anyone wishing to donate to the sale can bring items to the Legion Hall on Thursday or Friday, May l9th and 20th, for sorting and pricing.

Funds from the sale help the Legion Auxiliary to contribute to local high school scholarships, veterans hospitals, Xmas baskets and other community activities.


Tillamook Estuaries Partnership Hosts: 8th Annual Bounty of the Bay Fundraiser and Fishing Tournament

Fishing enthusiasts gather JUNE 3-4,  for the Annual Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP) Bounty on the Bay.  Now in its eighth year, Bounty on the Bay has become one of the most anticipated spring events for anglers on the North Coast.

This weekend event highlights the best Tillamook Bay has to offer: amazing scenery, humongous fish, great local food, and jovial company. Now an anticipated tradition, Bounty on the Bay features two days of revelry: kicking off on Friday night with a Dinner and Salmon Fishing Demonstration, featuring tips that are bound to come in handy during Saturday’s Premier Fishing Tournament, and the grande finale: a sumptuous Seafood Feast (with fish donated by long time supporter Pacific Seafood and Oyster), Awards Ceremony, and Silent Auction.

Both events take place at the historic Old Mill in Garibaldi. TEP is proud to present local pros John Kirby and Bob Rees who will lead the Salmon Fishing Demo on Friday night during the BBQ Pork Dinner, followed by our esteemed guest speaker, Jim Martin (former Chief of Fisheries, ODFW) on Saturday night. This year is not just for the fishermen- those interested in a different bay adventure can participate in a guided kayak tour of the Garibaldi harbor.  This action-packed weekend will raise vital funds to support TEP’s local grant program that encourages research, habitat restoration, and education projects throughout Tillamook County.

Registration is open and necessary for all facets of the event.

Please register by May 31st!  Registration forms are available online by going to or, to obtain more information regarding the event, contact Sierra Lauder by phone at (503) 322-2222 or by email at

This annual fundraiser supports TEP’s efforts to implement the Tillamook Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP).


Colleen Raney

COLLEEN RANEY is recognized as one of the finest singers in the Northwest Irish music scene. Grown on traditional Irish culture, singing and dancing with both her family and the respected ensemble Magical Strings.  Now based in Portland, Oregon, Raney fronts a powerhouse group of Northwest Irish musicians including mandolin whiz Zak Borden and guitarist Casey Neill.  She brings a voice that to reach to the back of the pub, a band to bring you to your feet, and a love for the poetry of Irish song.

Raney’s debut album Linnet is produced by Hanz Araki and recorded by Ezra Holbrook  (The Minus 5, The Decemberists, Dr. Theopolis).  Gathering a veritable who’s who of celtic music.

Sunday, May 22, 8pm, Fort George Brewery in Astoria, NO Cover.

Colleen Raney



CornmealA high-energy bluegrass quintet steeped in American roots and folk music. Cornmeal has been going strong for ten years, with three albums under their belt and the stage shared with many a national act – this is the band, if you could pick, to play at your hootenanny!!

Friday , May 20, 7-10pm at the Sand Trap in Gearhart, NO Cover.


Basin Street N.W.

Basin Street NWOKAY. LIVE Jazz at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria, every Thursday night. Chuck Wilder pianist, Dave Drury, guitar and Todd Pederson on bass. 6:30 – 8:30pm. Wine, dine, aps . . . and groove.  NO coincidence, 20 Basin St.