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The Big Buzz

WE ARE gathering information for a higher consciousness like a comet racing towards Earth.  As we examine and try on all of the spiritual fast food made available on line remember to have some discernment in what you read.  Watching videos tend to take us into a reality that is believable because it is moving before our eyes and yet this is an area humanity has blindly put their trust into.  Critical thinking is something of the past with the generation that is now retired and spends more time in the garden.    We are complex beings with souls that span centuries of lifetimes with a built in subscription to the Divine.

Your subscription has not run out, you are experiencing the shift in vibration that moves the DNA to recalibrate with the Universe. As we change our perspective on a spiritual plane it is important for everyone to take a deep breath and realize it is from a spiritual path that we will continue our lives here on Earth.  This spiritual path is one of consciousness; in that each step you take is done so with awareness to your inner guide and the Earth.

As we continue to move towards the fifth dimension we will also have the responsibility to a much greater cause: the Earth.   This fourth world we have enjoyed includes a self-indulgent, self-centered, it’s all about me menu that allowed us to discover all of the details of our souls’ journey.    Many have not done their homework thus the fast track to enlightenment.

These last gasps of drama will fizzle out as we move into a new era.  Our planet will demand our attention.  For we have created what we must now deal with here on Earth.   This is the collective karmic path humanity will be called to take responsibility for.  When you find yourself blaming others and demanding for the truth remember the very fibers of your soul are connected to the Divine.  We can connect with a deeper truth and accountability that allows you to embrace the world community in an effort to help heal the Earth.  It is her time now.

By Sonja Grace

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a leading mystic and spiritual intuitive guiding clients as far as New Zealand, Slovenia, England and Thailand as well as her own back yard in Portland Oregon. She works with all of her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world, thru her spiritual guidance. For more, see