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That First Cup of Coffee – I’m Still Here

There are days I open my eyes and honestly, I do not want to get out of bed. The day looms like a dark cloud. The things I need to tackle are dreary, taxing,  or just tough to achieve.

Unfortunately -  or fortunately – I do not have the luxury of pulling the covers over my head and cancelling the day. I can procrastinate some, but there comes that moment when I have to face the day.

Most mornings I have to tell myself,  “Get up and get your coffee, things will look different.”  Thank God for that first cup of coffee. My pug and doxie snuggle with me, lick my face, and I watch the news:  Austerity measures, big company downfalls, fighting in Syria. Stuff like that.

In my little world with my cup of coffee and loving dogs, roof over my head and time to watch TV news,  suddenly all is right. The phone call that I was dreading to make, for example, is now just a phone call, just something to do. There’s something to be said for just plodding along. Sometimes life is mundane or troublesome. The thing to remember is that is life. Part fun, part surprise, part…. mundane and troublesome.

That first cup of coffee…. is not my endorsement or ad for drinking coffee. Its my way of showing that sometimes our perceptions and worries can be  transient. From my experience, I found that my view of the world changes once I get up out of bed and start the day with my routine cup of coffee. Maybe your mornings start with a shower or breakfast or a cigarette. Whatever it is that gets you out of bed and into the world, works.  Use that knowledge to get you going when all you really want is to bury yourself in another round of sleep.

I heard an interview with one of my favorite authors, Augusten Burroughs. He said something that really resonated with me. He talked about how he waited after his relationship breakup for that time when he felt “healed” or better, and he realized seven years had passed! This Is It, he decided. If you get broken or hurt or somehow emotionally injured, you don’t want to just be waiting around for that day when you are miraculously healed.  It doesn’t happen. Life goes on. The new you – slightly scarred, slightly damaged – gets to continue living.

Many times during my business hours, I have to answer that question from Overboard customers, “How’s business been?” My response varies little. Usually its some variation of  “I’m still here.”

I’m still here. That’s my  mantra. I’m still here.

Counselor advice:  Be okay with just being alive. Let mundane and quiet times be. I like to think that those are the times when thoughts and psychic gears are working overtime, having a life of their own, creating something surprising. And remember – Just surviving at times is a skill, not to be taken lightly.

By Tobi Nason

Tobi is a Manzanita counselor.