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The Transformation of Women

As humanity moves closer to the fifth dimension and gains new insight daily to a higher state of consciousness, women are shifting with strong tides and an inner force that compares to flares seen billowing off Venus.

Women are feeling the energy of transformation in all aspects of their world.  Many women are reminded of the events from centuries past as they encounter similar issues today and it echoes through their cells.   There is the rebirth of the female warrior that takes a stand as she has throughout history, only this time it is for the sake of the world.

Their call to regain the balance between the male and female aspects includes the light and dark, good and bad which brings the duality to the forefront and women in the lead.

They are leading at this time because men are moving into their hearts and working through the integration of power into love.  The vibration of women moves them forward into a place of spiritual understanding that is supported from the heart center and opens up the power center.  Men on the other hand are moving from the power center into the heart and their vibration is that of a spiritual quest.

When reviewing history we are reminded of the abused power in both the matriarch and patriarchal societies.  This is why stepping into leadership women must remember the key is to become warriors of the light.  Their connection to giving birth lends to a vibration the Earth emits that females are receptive to.  As the receivers of this Earth energy it is critical that the evolution of the feminine principle has balance within that takes the aggressive warrior and battle to the environment and all things that give us life here on Earth.

That she upholds her spiritual development and chooses to help men move into their heart realm to create balance within the duality.  By doing so women gain the opportunity to acknowledge their understanding of lessons from the past, stepping into this new vibration with a fully conscious mind.

The duality has had the human species experiencing both sides of the pendulum as it swings full range throughout time and history.  Women have ruled as well as men and we are moving now into a frequency that allows us to be in balance.  Women hold the keys to the future for it is the feminine principle that will lead us to a higher vibration, a deeper understanding of the delicate balance in nature and the preservation of all life here on Earth.

By Sonja Grace

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a leading mystic and spiritual intuitive guiding clients as far as New Zealand, Slovenia, England and Thailand as well as her own back yard in Portland Oregon. She works with all of her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world, thru her spiritual guidance. For more, see