Darcy Wiegardt: Permanent Cosmetics Technician to the Coast

Darcy WiegardtIn the start of every new year, there is a hope, a wish to fulfill what has not materialized in years past, a fresh look, a yearning for new confidence. Darcy Wiegardt found an opportunity to not only take on this desire, but to put on a fresh face, permanently. Folks from the Pacific Northwest are no strangers to tattoos; sailors, hipsters, and the like, treat themselves to a body souvenir to celebrate special occasions or relationships, but permanent cosmetics offer selected, natural pigmentation to re-create everything from basic make-up to eyebrows for victims of facial hair loss and areolas in breast reconstructive surgery patients.

Darcy, who has been licensed and certified since 2003 in Oregon, which has a much more rigorous certification and licensing process than other states, initially began as a permanent cosmetics technician in Astoria on a part time basis. As things shifted in the job market and economy, she found herself able to join the group at Medical Spa LaCost as her primary job. After extensive training in Portland by Carol’s Cosmetic Tattoo, she took her well-honed skills to the coast to offer permanent make-up services: Eyebrows-color added to shape, to fill, to lift, and to cover scars above the eye; Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement-definition given to eyes by lining for a thicker, fuller look; Lips-volume and fullness added to improve lip definition with either lip line or full lip treatment.

In recent months, Darcy has expanded her abilities to help with areola repigmentation for breast cancer patient reconstructive surgery. Areola Repigmentation is the process of creating realistic, well-proportioned areolas with properly chosen pigments and skilled application. It is an ideal procedure for breast cancer survivors, breast augmentation recipients and anyone who is unhappy with the size, shape or coloration of their areolas. She is currently finalizing this training, and plans to offer areola repigmentation service in Spring of 2012.

Costs for this variety of services ranges from $350-$1800, and Darcy initiates the process with a consultation first, applying her experience with the clients interests to make the end product most satisfying. The typical procedure takes two sessions with the initial session being the main permanent pigmentation application, and after thirty days, the touch-up, or second session is completed to cover any variation or difference in the coloring.

“Permanent” is part of the procedural terminology; so, Darcy provides information to take the best care and make the cosmetic color last. However, pigmentation, being coloring, may fade with time and under certain situations, even more so. Darcy warns that sun, swimming, and the natural course of time will cause coloration to fade, and touch-ups may be required to keep the color fresh. Luckily, in the Pacific Northwest, extreme sun exposure is not too common! This procedure is safe and offers options to those suffering from allergies or who just want to look their best all the time. Darcy, who is a permanent cosmetic client, herself, says, her husband loves it because he does not have to wait forever while she gets ready to go out! Darcy enjoys giving clients more confidence and the opportunity to wake up looking great everyday.

Darcy Wiegardt
Permanent Cosmetic Technician
At Spa Lacost, 1428 Commercial
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