The Wishing Tree Program

Shop Locally this holiday seasonWishing Tree Project has been providing for children in need since 1982.

The Program works like this: applications are taken from families that might need gift and/or food help for the current season. The family, listing children’s name(s), age, sizes and special needs fill out the applications. (applications can be picked up at the desk in the lobby across from the county employment office entrance).

These lists and needs are then transferred to a paper bell (autonomously) and hung on a Wishing Tree. Trees are located in all banks and credit unions in Astoria and Warrenton. In addition to Fred Meyer, Video Horizon, McDonald’s, and Link’s Outdoor Store. Folks in the community then choose a bell and fulfill the wish on the tree that gives gift information about the child recipient.

Take a bell and return the wish to the same location by the 15th of December. Gifts are taken out to the Clatsop County Fairgrounds. Volunteers will pick up gifts daily. We ask them to let you know that they are picking up gifts either verbally or by displaying a paddle stating pick –up on the paddle. We then organize the gifts by number to ensure each child’s privacy. The names are placed on the gifts, family packed and placed with the food baskets if one is requested.

The gifts and food are either picked up by family at the fairgrounds on December 19th or are delivered by the National Guard and Astoria Rotary Club on December 20th to those in Knappa and Astoria who don’t have transportation.

Each year we receive donations if you receive any for our program please direct them to me.

This money is used to purchase gifts and /or gift certificates for any child whose bell was not chosen from the tree by the return bell deadline. (Which this year will be on the 15th.) Trees will not be removed from the location until after the holiday. We will leave the tree with bells at Fred Meyers until 24th of Dec. If gifts come in late please call or direct them to place the gift at FM or take to fairgrounds.

For more information or to volunteer for the Wishing Tree, call Barb Roberts at 503 325-7277 cell 503-791-8773 Astoria, OR, or email