Spa at the Cannery Pier Hotel

Cannery Pier HotelA Finnish sauna, mineral bath, glorious body treatments and massage to suit your needs!

Spa at Cannery Pier Hotel Open House
Thursday, December 8 from 5 pm to 7 pm.
No. 10 Basin St., Astoria, Oregon
503.338.4SPA (4772)
Specially priced Gift Certificates, Food, Drink, Treats, Free Raffle and other surprises! Meet the professional therapists, tour the facilities and explore Astoria’s only Spa with an authentic Finnish Sauna and Mineral Therapy Hot Tub!

“OLEN UUSI NAINEN!” translates from Finnish to “I’m a new woman!” On my father’s returns from Astoria’s famed Union Town Steam Baths, he and my mother from their every Friday night ritual, my father would say in part English and Finnish, “I feel like an uusi mies.” A new man, that is.

A ritual of renewal is an integral part of Finnish sauna culture, and of many cultures on the globe. Renewal, replenish, a part of a natural cycle in the enjoyment of life. Sleep, obviously an essential, to go from one day to the next, does not fulfill a conscious need to get within.

If you are an inhabitant of the Columbia Pacific Region, you are familiar with the Cannery Pier Hotel that welcomes visitors to these shores, housing guests in an elegant, yet spare, homage to history. The sport where cannery Finns began a steadfast, egalitarian business of catching and processing fish and making sure the fancy east coast devils didn’t get advantage on them. The Union Fish Company.

Imagine how some of those hardworking Finns would have laughed at the thought that lumbering fish house would someday be the inspiration for a hotel. A brilliant plan that native Robert Jacobsen, at times had a hard time convincing people that it was much of an idea. But now, we can look out to the mouth of the Columbia and remember, and dream and reminisce.

And even better. You can look out from the Spa at the Cannery Pier Hotel, from the mineral therapy hot tub looking straight east, down the Columbia.

“On a foggy day, soaking int he hot tub, and gazing out on the river, there isn’t a better place to be,” says Spa manager Summer Oja. And that is where the folks at the Cannery Spa want locals to be.

The Spa at the Canner Pier is an elaborate spa system, designed for you, “local person” to enjoy with ease, comfort, and affordability. Spa manager Summer Oja has been in the business for 10 years, and her unique mission states, “Peace, tranquility, order and outreach.”

Spa at the Cannery Pier employs 5 massage practitioners and a facial specialist. They offer every type of massage, and manager Oja will help to facilitate and match you with a type of massage and practitioner that best suits you. Oja is not only the spa manager, but really the manager of the customer’s individual therapeutic needs.

Any treatment that you receive at the Cannery Spa includes the mineral hot tub and the authentic Finnish Sauna. This means, a 1/2 hour Head and Neck and Shoulders treatment ($55), comes with steam and hot tubing. At the turn of the 1900’s, Astoria was a blaze with public saunas. Today, well, not there aren’t any – but the smell of the cedar in the Finlandia Sauna System at Cannery Pier is divine. And the steam when you throw the water on the rocks with the wooden ladle… does a body good, oh yea!

Every month the Spa offers a “local’s special.” It could be up to 20% off one of many delicious body raps; Marine Minerals, Seal Algae, a decadent Chocolate Orange Wrap, or an Anti-Aging Flaxx-C Facial. Goodbye body toxins, hello cleansing.If you think thsi doesn’t work – well, experience before judgment rings loudly in this case.

Depending on how much you allow to spend on “self,” the availability of choice and budget is completely user-friendly at Cannery Spa. And, every fifth treatment, whatever yo design, is half off, too.

The body treatment packages, massage with facial, wrap or scrub are complimented with a spa snack plate; salmon and fruits and chesses and champagne. Plan a get together, with a partner or group of friends, and you will get “the treatment.”

Plan for regular therapeutic breaks in life, Cannery Pier is there to assist.On any visit, you choose a Young Living Essential Oil to compliment an aromatherapy sensation, plus, the Spa keeps Thieves Oil permeating to protect against airborne bacteria. Summer Oja and the crew at Cannery Spa are knowledgeable in many facets of alternative therapies to help sooth and compliment with natural remedy modalities.

Spa at Cannery Pier Hotel is a healing resource in our hometown, promoting proactive healthcare. Not a luxury, a necessity. Nonetheless, a very nice necessity, accessible and an awesome place to hang out for an hour or so to get what you need and deserve. Take time and discover this natural treasure, and tis the season, gifts of experience, that come in a pretty box with complimentary chocolates – consider that!