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Last Thoughts of the Year

As I sit here in Overboard Games & Puzzles, waiting for customers to show up, I’m eyeballing the shoes I’m wearing, the ones I had to buy to accomodate the ankle brace.  They were fairly spendy and I balked at spending the money for them, but they are so comfortable and if I were going to walk, I needed shoes. I’m wearing a pair of blue socks that I knitted, a pattern of my own design, a simple sircular rib. A friend is coming soon and we will chat over the coffee he brings me. In the world of simple pleasures, I think I’ve mastered this area.

Life is not terrible, in other words. That doesn’t sound very optimistic, but maybe “not terrible” is also “pretty good.”  I’m not sure. It could be just semantics, and whether one sees the glass half full or half empty. In these leaner times, I have to search for a reason to feel gratitude. Hence, just sitting and observing – the comfort of my shoes. Handmade socks. A cup of coffee with a friend. And I’ll add this- the opportunity to write for others is a privilege. That’s what they must mean about “stop and smell the roses.”

Its hard to take advantage of the slow times in our lives. My broken ankle forced me to slow down. I had to prioritize and feel okay with the circumstances. There was nothing for me to do except make the best of an irksome situation. I’m not sure- if someone had said, “Tobi, you seem to have much discontent. Why don’t you take 6 weeks out of your life for some reflection? That’s right, hunker down on that couch and see how it feels to have limited mobility. Imagine never walking again….”

Pleased to say, I am walking again. Am I happy? I suppose so. Could life be better? Always. Am I working on it? Yes, daily. Having my somewhat boring routine back is comforting.  No bombs go off in my neighborhood. No threats to my safety. No disruptive drama. Just a slow meditative life. One where I can knit my own socks or write what I please or walk to work. Those are the gifts in my life. A quiet life, waiting for me to appreciate it.

Counselor advice: Whatever your life looks like,  figure out the parts that work for you. Chaotic life? Enjoy the busy-ness. Quiet life? Enjoy the peace. Things change .Expect change. Work with what is…. and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By Tobi Nason

Tobi is a Manzanita counselor.