Market Research firm names KMUN #1

The professional market research firm, Eastlan Ratings, has ranked KMUN 91.9FM the top rated radio station in its market.*

Eastlan’s research compiled in winter, 2011, has been published showing that KMUN totals more weekly listeners in its market than any other radio broadcaster.

“This is Eastlan’s first survey of our market since Fall of 2006,” says Tom Hartland, Development Director of Coast Community Radio operating KMUN 91.9FM, “and just as they reported with that survey, KMUN remains our market’s #1 station among listeners age twelve and up.”

Broadcasters in markets nationwide rely on professional research to help attract potential advertisers.  Stations demonstrating greater numbers of listeners tend to justify higher advertising rates.

Listeners in the Astoria and Seaside region were the focus of Eastlan’s research which found a total of 18 stations commanded a measurable audience among those listeners.

Totalling the number of listeners for the entire week, the newly released data shows KMUN at the top, followed by KAST AM with KVAS scoring 3rd in the rankings.

Rounding out the top ten were KCRX, KCYS, KLOY, KOAC, KLMY, KCPB and KSWB, in that order.

“And we were thrilled,” added Hartland, “that our second station, KCPB 90.9FM, after only five years of operations commanded almost half again as many listeners as KOPB,” the region’s other non-commercial broadcaster.

Non-commercial broadcasters are limited by FCC and IRS regulations which prohibit them from airing commercial advertising.  To appeal to advertisers, however, stations like KMUN are allowed to acknowledge of donations and include information about individual and business donors.

Hartland sees such regulations working to the community radio station’s advantage.  “Fewer spots per break, shorter spots and no inflammatory statements all combine to make each spot stand out from the commercial clutter of other stations.”