Joey Pipia’s Magic Chamber

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30 Seats • 60 Minutes
One Outrageous Event
Two Shows Only
Sunday Nov 20
4pm & 6pm

“Joey Pipia’s magic is invisible,” says colleague and magician Kevin Wolfe (who appears nationally himself), adding, “he fools me. That never happens. And, his magic is completely original, so you’ll not see it anywhere else; he’s world class.”

The invisible and original world class magic of Joey Pipia is featured in The Magic Chamber: 30 seats, 60 minutes, one outrageous event,” presented for two show only, Sunday, November 20th, 4 pm and 6 pm at KALA@hipfishmonthly in Astoria.

Expect to be dazzled by this performance, honed on the road in Pipia’s successful Northwest Tall Grass Magic Tour, a recreation of the legendary cadre of traveling “Tall Grass Magicians” who haunted the earliest days of the vaudeville era; literally walking through tall grass from town to town.

“This man could hide an elephant in his coat,” said Northwest Magazine in a feature article on the magician and his show; Pipia presented The Magic Chamber for over a year to sold out houses in Port Townsend at The Chameleon Theater.

Pipia’s tour of The Magic Chamber through the Northwest this past winter culminated in a sold out, three week run in April at the Tony Award winning Intiman Theater in Seattle. The show is now on a national tour. Joey has appeared in film, on TV, and on stages across the country.

“The magic happens literally inches away from your eyes,” says Pipia. No fancy boxes, no smoke or mirrors. It’s the ultimate challenge; up close, fast paced, funny, and amazing. Pipia will create a unique intimate theater in the gallery.

Grown-ups awake, The Magic Chamber is for you. Kids will enjoy it too, but this event is probably not for six-year olds.

As for hiding an elephant in his coat? “You’ll just have to see the show,” he says.

Tickets, $20, may also be purchased in person at Lucy’s Books in Astoria, 348 12th St (503.325.4210), or by calling brownpapertickets at 800-838-3006, or online at KALA@hipfishmonthly 1017 Marine Drive, Astoria. Info: 503.338.4878 Seating is limited. Doors open half hour before shows.

If the Flying Karamazov Brothers and Harry Houdini had a child, it would be Joey Pipia. Fast, funny, and amazing, Joey has performed his unique brand of magic for over twenty years.

He started as an actual sorcerer’s apprentice in New York City when one of the 20th Century’s modern masters of magic took him under his wing. Shortly thereafter, Joey started doing stand up comedy with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld. One thing led to another, and magic has never been the same.
Joey has appeared in film, on television, and on stages across the country. His one-man show in Seattle, Delusions of Grandeur, was a critical and commercial success. He’s escaped from a straightjacket while hanging by his ankles 80 feet about the street. He’s a featured performer with the legendary The New Old Time Chautaqua. Card tricks and comedy, KALA welcomes master showman Joey Pipia.