Clatsop County Marriage Equality Project

Attend a gathering in preparation for the new marriage ballot measure

We are making history. In a few days, Basic Rights Oregon’s Board of Directors will make a recommendation on whether to go to the ballot next year to ask Oregonians to support the freedom to marry or whether to delay this campaign. A victory in Oregon could make ours the first state in the country to pass the freedom to marry by a vote of the people.

Please join Clatsop County Marriage Equality Project in this monumental moment to learn about the direction of the ballot campaign and to discuss the role Clatsop County will play! Review the latest information about the ballot measure and share thoughts about the timing of this campaign. Review the most up-to-date information from statewide leaders about public opinion research that will help all of us to understand how Oregon voters think about marriage and whether they support the marriage equality ballot measure. Most importantly, we will take the time to consider what all of this means for our state and our community and strategize about how we can win the freedom to marry in Oregon.

CCMEP is committed to winning the freedom to marry in Oregon, your are invited you to attend and share the commitment.

WHEN: Thursday, November 10. Time: 6pm. Location: KALA@HIPFISHmonthly, 1017 Marine Drive in Astoria. For more info, and if you are interested in involvement with the campaign please contact: Katie Rathmell of CCMEP