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A Deeper Understanding

There are many things in life we are attracted to all with karmic implications.  When you are drawn to different areas of spiritual learning there are some things you might want to consider;

Psychics making there service available can range from extremely talented and gifted to the novice.  For example; some offer with short quick answers without emotional support and others offer a depth that can connect you to the source of your problem.  Then there are clairvoyants who are in the same realm as psychics, the difference that one has some negative connotation and the other is more fun to say!   Palm readers are often thrown under the bus but in fact there are some gifted readers that are hard to find.  The last one I encountered was from Europe.

Astrologers, Numerology, Tarot card readers and dousers are all using tools to formulate their readings.  The interpretation of these tools is greatly dependent upon where the reader is at spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The shamans of the world provide an assortment of experiences that require a high level of trust.  Certainly the novice shaman is not going to take you to the jungles of South America and have you drink their special brew to heighten your senses,  but not knowing more about the ceremonies and who you are going to see can be dangerous.  This is true of all readings.  If there are guides that the reader is communicating with,  who are they and what level of the auric field do they reside in.  Do they see the spirit realm or hear it?  Do they obtain their information from their guides or are they sourcing information from you.  Sourcing means they are hooking up chords to you and literally sucking the information out of you. As in all industries there are the highly trained individuals and the struggling to learn.

I watch many young people nearly self-implode with conflict and desire to understand their gifts and sensitivity.  I too struggled and had the good fortune of my first teacher who recognized my gifts and helped me to develop the grounded template I work from today.   Having a spiritual teacher in India is common practice.  Having a teacher to learn the violin or any art form is required.  I highly suggest the spiritual seeking student to find their teacher and learn.  We have lost that level of respect due to a world that offers soccer, ballet and gymnastics all at the same time;  in an effort to help our children experience many things.  There is something to be said about mastering one thing.  By focusing with one teacher you have the opportunity to learn at a much deeper level.

By Sonja Grace

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a leading mystic and spiritual intuitive guiding clients as far as New Zealand, Slovenia, England and Thailand as well as her own back yard in Portland Oregon. She works with all of her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world, thru her spiritual guidance. For more, see