WAHID At the Astoria Arts and Movement Center

WahidWAHID is the duo consisting of Dimitris Mahlis (oud) and Chris Wabich (frame drums). The word “wahid” means “one” and in this case, represents the joining of instruments and music from the East and West. Wahid is bound to a rich cultural history of ancient civilizations and melodies, incorporating instruments that were first documented on clay tablets and papyrus scrolls. Chris and Dimitri have collaborated for over 15 years in world music and jazz contexts. Their musical kinship has evolved into a rendering of melodic and soundscape-driven events that inspires the lives and imaginations of its listeners.

Dimitris Mahlis is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in the Los Angeles area. He has the distinction of having significant selections of his work taught as a regular part of the curriculum at the LA Music Academy. Since coming to LA, Dimitris’ skills on oud, guitar and other stringed instruments have led him into a rich variety of performing and recording experiences.

Chris Wabich is known around LA as a versatile and original voice on percussion and drumset. Recently Chris played Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”, a stage production of the album, produced by Gail Zappa. Chris has recorded with: Ludacris, Sting, Stanley Jordan, Lalo Shfrin, Sheila E., Alex Acuna, Turkish superstar Omar Faruk, Mamak Khadem, and the famous poet, Leonard Cohen, among many others, in addition to many TV show credits.

Friday, October 14, 7:30pm, Admission $10. AAMC is located at the corner of 11th and Franklin in Astoria, and is part of the First Presbyterian Church building complex.