Hold Fast Tattoo Co. & Gallery – The Skateboard Art of Gary Savage

Sasquatch SkateboardsHOLD FAST Tatto and Art Gallery features the month of August,  Gary Savage, an established artist from Maui, who formally lived and worked in Seaside. Savage works in many styles with many techniques, Holdfast will feature a series of paintings done for a local Skateboard company. The paintings are done on canvas then transferred to the decks. Original paintings will hang next to the corresponding skate decks. There will also be sneak peeks at a few new paintings that have not been put in production yet.

The skate board company is Sasquatch Skateboards, owned and operated out of Seaside Oregon by two partners, Dexter Savage and Andrew Pugh. Opening: August 6, Seaside Art Walk, (first Saturday of each month).  Hold Fast Tattoo Co. is located at 611 Broadway.