Michael Foster Donates Artwork to College

Field sculptureClatsop Community College (CCC) is the recipient of sculpture from Astoria Artist/Art Collector, Michael Foster. The ten-foot high steel and chrome sculpture depicting a cormorant and titled “Zenith” now graces the renovated Towler Hall.  Foster and the College hope this gift represents the beginning of a significant collection of artwork on public exhibition at CCC.

The artist, Devin Laurence Field, is unique among contemporary large-scale metal sculptors because of the level of articulation he achieves in directly fabricated steel. According to his website (, Field’s work is not sculpted in clay then cast in metal, or hammered in thin sheet onto a sculpted pattern, but rather forged, pressed, welded, ground and polished using thick plate steels. He creates work for public sites representative of the natural and built environments. Field is originally from New Zealand. He has studied art in locations around the world and has earned three degrees in the Arts including a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture.
Awards include:  Helen Foster Barnett Award from the National Academy of Design in New York, the Evelyn and Peter Haller Award from the Society of Animal Artists, and the global design award for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. For more information, please contact Dr. Schoonmaker at or 503-338-2440.