It’s a Scavenger’s Feast! Join “Chef Daddy” Chris Holen on a feast-ive spree at the Sunday Market

Chris Holen in 2010Explore the culinary offerings at Astoria Sunday Market through the eyes of a chef! Discover new and exciting ways to create a feast from produce, berries, fish, baked goods and other tasty temptations found at the Market by joining “Chef Daddy” Chris Holen. Chef Holen sends participants on a shopping spree through the Market to find ingredients you’ll use to prepare an interesting and sumptuous Scavenger’s Feast with his guidance at Mise En Place Kitchenware.

For reservations call Mise En Place at 503-325-7414. Cost is $45 per person with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Astoria Sunday Market. Astoria Sunday Market takes place in the heart of historic downtown Astoria on 12th Street. Mise En Place Kitchenware is just one block from the Market at the north end of 12th on the Columbia River.

The Scavenger’s Feast was created by Astoria Sunday Market to connect people with produce and other Market products in an entertaining program. “The partnership with Baked Alaska has created a truly interesting and fun way to enjoy our Market and historic downtown,” added Director Cyndi Mudge.

Chef Holen along with his wife Jennifer own Baked Alaska Restaurant in Astoria, which celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year. Baked Alaska & Mise En Place Kitchenware is located at #1 – 12th Street in Astoria.

Scavenger Feast 2011The Scavenger’s Feast Dates
Sunday, July 10
Sunday, July 31
Sunday, August 21
Sunday, September 4 (Scavenger’s Feast for Kids!)
Sunday, September 18