Bayou Seco – A Musical Force of Nature

Bayou SecoKEN KEPPLER and Jeanie McLerie are Bayou Seco – a musical force of nature from New Mexico whose roots are deep in the Southwest but whose branches reach far across the world.  They have collected music from older traditional American musicians for most of their lives, focusing especially on Cajun music in Southwestern Louisiana and, since 1980, from traditional Hispanic, Cowboy, and Tohono O’Odham musicians in New Mexico and Arizona. They tour the Southwest and Europe bringing their enthusiasm for the musics, dances, and cultures they share.  Their performances are fun, absolutely infectious, high-energy and always celebratory.  Bayou Seco is a BLAST!

Their multi-instrumental kaleidoscope of finely-observed styles and techniques consists of fiddle, guitar, vocals, one and three-row diatonic accordions, five-string banjo, harmonica and mandolin. Jeanie McLerie sings strong and clear, and plays 5-string violins.  Ken Keppeler plays fiddle, banjo, and accordion, dances when he feels like it and sings to make you laugh.  Their repertoire includes old-time American, bluesy Western Swing and Mardi-Gras dance tunes, as well as traditional New Mexican folk music they have collected.  Their collections of folklore, especially Southwestern music, pays homage to some of the 20th Century’s greatest musicians, who have graciously shared their tunes and songs with them.  During the past twenty five years they have been learning from the old masters, composing new songs and tunes, and teaching others to play what they have learned. (‘Following in the Tuneprints’, UBIK 25). Their new release “Bouquet” celebrates their 30th year as a band.

Bayou Seco returns to Astoria on the heels of their 2011 Tour of the British Isles and Europe.  They are fondly remembered for their dances played at Netel Grange in the 80s and 90s. Often heard on KMUN’s Shady Grove with host Susie McLerie, Jeanie’s sister.  Jeanie has contributed much music to our community’s radio library, and has many friends in our area.  Her earlier recordings feature her singing/playing with the Harmony Sisters, and the Delta Sisters.

Morning Concert: July 23rd at 11am Bayou Seco LIVE on KMUN-KTCB Troll Radio Review, at Ft George Brewery.

Evening Concert is: Saturday July 23rd at 8pm, $10. the Arts and Movement Center at the corner of 11th and Harrison, Astoria, OR  97103.   Door opens at 7:30pm.