Violinist Kim Angelis at the Coaster • June 19

Kim Angelis
Violin Virtuoso and Composer Kim Angelis performs a concert at 3pm, on June 19 at the Coaster Theater in Cannon Beach.  The Astoria-based artist known admiringly in the region as the Gypsy Violinist, Angelis is an internationally acclaimed violinist who has successfully transcended artistic boundaries – the music is built on a solid classical foundation, but the inspiration flows freely from the Romany Diaspora of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Spain. Angelis’ brilliant compositions showcase the beauty, power, and excitement of her playing. Jean Bartlett, managing editor of Ink Notes, writes, “Angelis… literally sings each string like a gypsy poet. Through breathtaking cadenzas and tender passages. … it is her own composed music which constantly brings the audience to their feet because it is of earth and yet not.”

The passionate music of Kim Angelis has been featured on network TV, PBS, NPR, and during the 2000 Olympics, when world champion gymnast Kui Yuanyuan of China used Kim’s music for her floor exercise. For ten years, Angelis’ first CD, Violin Voyager, resided on the Taiwanese Billboard charts. The film Sweet Nothings features her music, which was nominated for Best Original Score by the California Independent Film Society and Best Score by the International Independent Film Tour. Her 1996 CD, Esperanza, was selected as a “Choice Recording” by Strings magazine and received a nomination by Just Plain Folks for Best Instrumental Album. Kim’s 2005 release, Gypsy’s Odyssey, made Top Ten lists from Santa Cruz, CA, to Herford, Germany. In 2007, her song, “Zingaro!” won Global Rhythm Magazine’s international songwriting competition. In 2009, the violinist’s music was once again heard throughout the international sports scene, as Junior World Champion gymnast Amelia Racea of Romania performed her floor routines to a Kim Angelis recording.

The Prophecy, A Gypsy’s Journey. 2011
Kim Angelis continues to breath life and soul into her majestic violin compositions. The Prophecy is 11 tracks, inspired by the Book of Isaiah., and each track on the CD, Angelis relates to a passage and to personal stories.

Recorded at Moody Studios in Los Angeles, and Big REd Studio in Corbett, OR, Angelis is joined by numerous instrumentalists, adding paino, clarinet , accordion, percussion, oud, her husand Josef Gault on guitar, and a second flemenco guitarist Ciro Hurtado.

Utilizing diverse instrumentation, and arrangements, Angelis brilliantly colors and enhances  the stories she tells through the single instrument, her voice, the violin.  Whether there was added arrangement,  or even the accompanying stories within the CD package, Angelis interprets the tale single-handedly.

The inimitable warmth and flair that project from her violin, dance, cry, and soar.  Each composition develops a strong and memorable theme, the violin leading the way.

However, the arrangements enhance and surprise. Track 2,  Seven Trees, beigns with a sultry clarinet, that then playfully chases  the violin through the tune. Track 5, Isaiah 53, is a beautiful duet between piano and violin, with the meanderings of the kanun (a zither type instrument). As well the piano enahnces the meloncholic, and highly expresive Track 8, Astoria Gloria –  here Angelis represents  the muted grey Astoria sky in a haunting reverie, and dynamically opens up the sky to silver light, with the virtuosic use of the bow.

Angelis will perform new works at the concert, accompanied by flemenco guitarist Josef Gault. Her lastest effort is a complex set of compositions, but never without the free spirit flowing, and the pieces that are the dance. Joining Angelis are belly dancers Jessamyn Grace and Erika McKay, of the Astoria Arts and Movement Center.  CD Purchase at
$10 Admission. 108 N. Hemlock, Cannon Beach. 3pm