Installation at PPP

Pier Pressure Productions ArtPPP participates in Astoria’s June Wine and Art Walk, Sat., June11 with a celebration of the artists who have opened shows at 260 10th Street since the opening of the theatre/gallery space in August 2010.  Karen Bain, Jerry Schell, Liz Hylton, Jennifer Goodenberger, Charlotte Bruhn, Kitty Paino, Terrie Remington, Becky Hitchin, and Rosie Bergeron will show representative pieces that explore a variety of mediums and methods. Dan Reiley provides original compositions.

Upstairs,  an installation by Rosemonde Stelladora, a reclusive and retiring individual who has studied art, religion, and theatre in Oregon, Nebraska, and Great Britain,.  Her piece, Wedding Weather Warnings is an homage to British sculptor Cathy De Monchaux’s work, Dangerous Fragility, American poet Sylvia Plath’s “The Applicant,” and recording artist Laurie Anderson’s Meltdown.  WWW is a turbulent fusion of fabrics, metals, plastics, glass, sound, and light.  This installation has been a work in progress for over 50 years, whispering on the periphery of the artist’s vision since 1959, making an appearance in bits and pieces from 1965 to 1997.  In 1983, some of the inspired impressions and images evolved into performance art presented at Clatsop Community College’s Performing Arts Center.  From 1997 to the present, the artist put away the thought of this installation until recently, when PPP presented itself as an appropriate venue for the physical exploration of this piece.

Bent Rabbit Multimedia Studios engineered the sound for this exhibit.