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We are not alone

SonjaThis year presents an awakening for many in consciousness as humanity embraces the fact that there are other life forms in the Universe. The key to this higher awareness is we are not alone. Back to the beginning of time the Earth has been visited and populated with alien life form. There has always been a connection that people have made with extra-terrestrials throughout history that is recorded in the art of the past. The reports from people who have had close encounters as well as the Hollywood depiction of friendly and not so friendly visitors to Earth are a sure sign the duality exists even in our Universe. The many stories told around the world of lights in the sky and visitations are in the millions.

The common form for all life is the spirit body. Extra-terrestrials do not always have a physical body and travel in spirit form. We too travel without bodies in the spirit realm and incarnate into physical form. Is the popular television series ‘Star Trek’ and Captain Kirks finding so off the mark or is this is the wild imagination of Gene Roddenberry? The world has cried out over area 51 and other findings that keep us wondering what is truly out there.

The facts are they are already here and living and working amongst us. They have been adapting and genetically integrating into humanity. They have slightly different characteristics but all in all look human. There are many aliens who live here and remain out of sight as well as those in spirit form. There are extra-terrestrials from all over the Universe that have different characteristics and consciousness. As we experience here on Earth many different levels of consciousness the same exists in space. There are those that want to help us and those who would like to rule over us again. The wakeup call for humanity is that although we have felt superior and at the top of the food chain we are in fact not.

Does this mean you might find yourself in Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Signs’ with a baseball bat in hand thinking swing away? This is a much more sophisticated experience. The duality provides drama and Hollywood depicts the duality with total expertise. The reality is we will attract what we are a vibrational match to. If you are living in fear and afraid of everything including your own shadow then you will manifest scary events that ground and secure your notion of fear and confirm it. If you live in a state of trust and experience life from a place of observing the duality you will manifest much less drama and have the experience of clarity. The key to other life forms existing is to really understand it is a much bigger community that we hail from. There is a serious call to humanity from the higher realms to wake up and not go into the slumber that gets created through checking out. Overeating and over medicating are causing humanity to be absent at a time that we need to be present and fully awake. There is as much importance on understanding the Universe and who lives in it as there is in knowing who your neighbors are and where Nauru is. We have been living in the dark on this matter for too long and the collective consciousness is awakening.

By Sonja Grace

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a leading mystic and spiritual intuitive guiding clients as far as New Zealand, Slovenia, England and Thailand as well as her own back yard in Portland Oregon. She works with all of her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world, thru her spiritual guidance. For more, see

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Thank you Sonja, it is uplifting to hear that humanity is awakening to the universe around us. I am looking forward to people waking up to the folly of prescription drugs that keep our spirit in a fog, and to the time when we can look at extra-terrestrials as our brothers and sisters. We have a lot to learn and their knowledge could help us and mother earth. I hope the day is soon that a world leader, like President Obama, can introduce the world to our universal friends.

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