“Lets blow the lid off. People don’t want to talk about [it]. There is so much going on in world today.  Its time for more expression.  And we have to get it out.” – Marco.

THE ERUPTIONMarco Davis is talking about his inspiration for a show coming up, its called THE ERUPTION. Have you heard about? If it’s after May 14 – and you didn’t take in the performance, I hope you get a second chance.

Something new. Can there be anything new? Always. Like this; last couple months, Wednesday and Thursday nights at about 10pm, 17 people come together to rehearse dance numbers, cabaret vignettes, pull themselves together, find the mojo, the steps, and probably “some balls” to boot.

A small percentage of this troupe might be packing some dance background, but for the most part, no. But what they do share is a common desire for expression. Davis choreographs the numbers, and the top, inside expectation is . . . get your own and give it out. It works. Beautifully.

Many know Mark (Marco) Davis as the charming and talented #2 Chef at the Columbian Café. Second only to the master, Uriah Hulsey who is now spending time outside the café – putting Davis in the role as “the go to chef.”

Native Astorian, Davis is also an icon in another realm – that of theater and dance. For years he’s been inspiring people to give it their all, involved in many projects.

A generously hearted teacher, Davis teaches jazz, tap, and that extra something that puts the bounce in your shoe.

Davis left the area for a number of years, completing a master in dance at U of O, and teaching dance in NYC. He came back to the home roots not so long ago. On his 40th Birthday – he threw an outrageous, staged karaoke party at the Columbian Theater, using film, lip sync, asking friends to come up and perform. It was so much fun, people asked, “When are you doing it again?”

Thus, THE EVENT was spawned. This last January, Davis got a little more serious, adding dance numbers with lots of people in them. It was campy, energetic, sexy, and the crowds had a helluva good time.

Come THE ERUPTION. More developed. The dancers, more confident. The dance numbers, complex yet performed with ease, with ooze, with spice and dice. More campy vignettes, guaranteed to entertain. That’s all I’m sayin’. It’s late night entertainment.

We’ve missed the Rocky Horror Picture Show since it’s run at the River. Relax, and get ready to do the time warp again.

Saturday, May 14. Doors open 9:30. Show at 10pm. Grab a cocktail at the Voodoo Lounge. $5 bucks at the door. 21 & Over. Columbian Theater in Astoria.