The Art & Psyche Show

Nancy Karacand

Art and the Psyche are mystically intertwined.  Life passages, transitions, changes in health, job, or  relationships– all of these Transformative  areas of life – can be brought to life  in artistic form – and often are in the area of art therapy.

On May 14, 5-9pm The Art & Psyche Show will be on display at the Astoria Music Festival Office located at 1271 Commercial Street, during the Second Saturday Astoria Art Walk.

Presented by Yvonne Edwards and Nancy Karacand, both trained psychotherapists who share a love of art as a creative therapeutic medium for  emotional growth and healing– the Art & Psyche show will offer a variety of unique art processes.

According to Edwards, “Art & Psyche is a creative multi-media process that I use as an adjunct to psychotherapy.  We are always growing, developing, transitioning and evolving from a familiar state of being to an unknown state of becoming. These art exercises enhance psychological self-discovery and insight – for people who are in therapy – as well as those who are not.   It leads to self-directed evolution, experiential dialogue with our art, and a renewed appreciation for the richness of our own inner world – one with heart and meaning.”

Yvonne Edwards

Karacand’s work for the show will center on creating a series of stone and beaded pendants that will reflect the colors and qualities of the chakras.  She has been a Healing Touch practitioner for the past 10 years and incorporates her awareness of energetic healing into the creation of each unique piece.
The Art & Psyche show developed after several workshops the pair held, and exhibits  include: The Maori drawing, The Five Universal Shapes, the Illustrated Journal, the Mandala, the tile mosaic of one’s Life Path, mask-making, dream painting, drawing a safe place, doll making and other art.  Janet Maher also brings samples of her work with Soul Collage.

Karacand and Edwards will continue throughout the year with workshops, women’s gatherings, children’s Art Camps, and other community focused events. FMI: contact Yvonne Edwards at 503 338 7202 or Nancy Karacand at 503 325 9217.