Special Districts Election Ballots Due May 17

BALLOTS have been mailed out to residents of Oregon for the 2011 special districts election and are due by May 17.

In Clatsop County, the only county-wide race with a challenger is for Port of Astoria Commissioner, Position 3. Tim Liddiard, a progressive and newcomer to politics, is running against the incumbent, Bill Hunsinger. Hunsinger won his seat on an anti-LNG, pro-union platform, and has been instrumental in guiding the Port towards being a more industrial, shipping-based agency. After a bitter battle with Oregon LNG, the Port has given up on the goal of ending the sub-lease on the Skipanon Peninsula with that company. Liddiard has promised to be more open and responsive to county residents, and focus on providing services to the whole county. He is critical of the decision to start a log export operation at the Port, and wants to start work right away to bring rail service to the whole county. (For more on Liddiard, see the April 2011 issue of HIPFiSH.)

In Tillimook County, one of the races that has generated a lot of interest has been the North County Recreation District (NCRD) board in Nehalem, which has 3 open seats that all have challengers. Only one incumbent, board chair Marie Ziemecki, is running. She is being challenged by Darrell Winegar, a former business owner who went to work for the Mohler Co-op in 1996. Lining up on the progressive side with Ziemecki are Julie Chick, former owner of Nehalem Bay Kayak Company, and Kevin Greenwood, Manager at the Port of Garibaldi since 2009, and former Manager of the City of Garibaldi. Greenwood also served on the NCRD board from 2005-2008. In addition to Winegar, two other conservatives are running – Jon Welsh (against Greenwood), part-owner of Manzanita Fresh Foods, and Angela Hanke (against Chick). The conservatives are against taxpayer funding of the district facilities, while the progressives would like to see continued public funding.

A similar situation exists with the Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue District, with 3 conservatives trying to unseat current members of the board. The conservatives claim that the fire district is too big for the region it serves, and want to reduce taxpayer outlays.

Residents of Clatsop County should note that applications to serve on the county planning commission are due by May 13. The county board of commissioners recently voted to vacate all seven seats on the panel and invite the current members and new applicants to apply for the vacated positions. The planning commission advises the board of commissioners on land-use planning, conducts land-use hearings and implements the county’s zoning and comprehensive plan. The panel normally meets once a month.

For more information on the elections and appointments in Clatsop County, including drop-off sites, call the county clerk at 503-325-8511. In Tillamook County, call 503-842-3402.

By Bob Goldberg

Bob moved to Astoria from Seattle in 2005, on the day Katrina hit New Orleans. He started writing for HIPFiSH in 2007. With a previous career as an environmental engineer with the Washington State Department of Ecology and a researcher at various companies and national labs, Bob tries to bring his scientific (i.e. objective) background to journalism. Outside the HIPFiSH world, Bob does programming on KMUN radio, sings tenor in the North Coast Chorale, tutors at Clatsop Community College, and helps with websites. He lives in Astoria with his beautiful and wonderful wife, his son and two cats.

3 replies on “Special Districts Election Ballots Due May 17”

Elect Tim Liddiard

You, the voter of Clatsop County will soon have an opportunity to make a positive change at the Port of Astoria in the May17th election.

Tim Liddiard is running for Port of Astoria Commission, position 3. Tim has the critical thinking skills necessary to do a fantastic job as a port commissioner. With a degree in mathematics, as well as a construction background, he possesses the theoretical and practical problem solving skills needed to be an excellent board member.

Electing Tim Liddiard could change the dynamics on the port commission in a positive way. Having a commissioner who is thoughtful, co-operative and reasonable could result in true teamwork and elevate the quality of decision-making and long-term planning by the board. Tim also wants more public involvement before important changes are made at the port.

I believe Tim would ask the tough questions that need to be asked, while also holding himself and other commissioners accountable for transparency and honesty in dealing with the public and other board members.

Tim Liddiard is not running to represent one narrow pecial interest group. He is running because he wants the port to benefit all members of our community. While the recent log shipping operation has created longshoreman jobs, other portions of the county could have benefited by the continuation of air service.

During the year Commissioner Hunsinger was port commission president (July 2009-July 2010) I do not recall reading or hearing about him actively promoting the air service offered through the port, even though the port commission president is frequently invited to represent the port at outside events. It was clear, even fairly early on, that the air service needed help to be successful over the long haul. Recently, the port’s executive director was quoted in the April 13, 2011, Daily Astorian as saying “ We learned in that 6-week period that if we step up the plate, do some advertising, sell our passenger service ourselves, we can do a far better job than any airline’s going to do,” he added.”…What we did in the last six weeks is what we should have done in the last 24 months.

”Where was Mr. Hunsinger, as well as the other four commissioners, during those 24 months?We need port commissioners who understand the full scope and range of their responsibilities, especially where millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money are involved, as was in the air service grant.

Please join me in voting for Tim Liddiard for Port of Astoria Commissioner, position 3. It’s time for accountability, responsibility, and positive change at the port.

Kathy Sanders – Astoria
(former Port of Astoria Commissioner)

NCRD Candidate Endorsement

In a nutshell, we have 3 experienced, progressive candidates (Kevin Greenwood, Julie Chick, and Marie Ziemecki) who use and value the services of NCRD. In another nutshell, running against them (each seat is a separate position), we have 3 candidates who don’t want to continue to pay taxes to support NCRD.

NCRD is currently thriving. We want to keep it that way and build a new pool (modest size, separate building). These three candidates, Kevin Greenwood, Julie Chick, and Marie Ziemecki, have experience and will hit the ground running. They will not have to “investigate” to make sure internal operations are ok. They already understand the great progress of NCRD in climbing out of its black hole of closure and debt. They trust and respect the capability of the present General Manager.

We must seek leaders who are aware of what is needed and what would be for the greater good of the community, leaders who have vision and consensus-building skills. Kevin Greenwood has sat on the NCRD board in the past, and currently sits on the Capital Improvement Plan committee. Julie Chick works for the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, and has non-profit board experience.

Marie Ziemecki is the current board chair and brings continuity of leadership and a constructive working relationship with NCRD staff.

Ballots will be mailed tomorrow, Friday, April 29. You will receive your ballot Saturday, 4/30, or Monday, 5/2. And then you have until May 17 to have your ballot AT the courthouse, or ballot box in Manzanita.

Please join me in casting your vote for Kevin Greenwood, Julie Chick and Marie Ziemecki.

Lucy Brook

Mr Goldberg My name is Don Dillard I was a candidate for the fire district in nehalem. I just read your article and I am very disappointed that you would write things about people you have no idea about.

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