Rosie Bergeron At PPP

Grocery ShoppingIN MAY, Pier Pressure Productions, is featuring the work of Rosie Bergeron, gallery manager, artist, and resident of Brooklyn, NY, with the original piano compositions by Christopher Andrew Corbell. Bergeron’s dramatic wood block prints are images of daily life.  They are a celebration of the mundane, be it washing dishes, buying groceries, or walking about the neighborhood. She likes to use the images as a meditation on contemporary femininity and an examination of her autobiographical “theater”.

“As a native of the Pacific Northwest I was taught relief and sculptural wood carving by my father in our basement. He is an avid fan of native American woodworking and when I was growing up I would assist him in classes he taught to the locals. When I entered college and took my first woodcut print class I was hooked. The transformation of carved wood to multiple paper prints was a way to link my past with things I wanted to talk about in the present.”

Artist reception for Astoria 2nd Saturday Art Walk, May 14, 5-9pm. PPP is located at 260 10th St.