Neil Simon’s Star-Spangled Girl

LOOK FOR TAPA’s production of Neil Simon’s timely favorite coming in June. The Star-Spangled Girl tells the story of two struggling writers, portrayed by Sam Kuzma and Steele Fleisher, who are trying to keep their underground political protest newspaper afloat. While trying to expose government conspiracies and wrongdoings, they meet an all-American girl, portrayed by Chey Kuzma, who has just moved into their building. Love and politics dance together in this clever and witty play.

The Star-Spangled Girl kicks off TAPA’s summer season on June 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, and July 1 and 2. Following The Star-Spangled Girl is The Starlite Academy Children’s Workshop July 19–23 directed by Wally and Diane Nelson. Then rounding out the summer season is The Chicken Creek Diaries written by Marilyn Allen and directed by Wally Nelson. For information please visit or contact

Star-Spangled Girl
Sam Kuzma, Chey Kuzma, Steele Fleisher.