Tom Stoppard’s Rough Crossing at the Coaster

THE SS ITALIAN CASTLE, 1932… a trans-Atlantic crossing… a playwright and his collaborator… a DIVA… a fading matinee idol… a love-struck composer and an ingenious ship steward… cognac and comedy for all!

In this hilarious comedy, Stoppard weaves an amazing pattern of verbal misunderstandings, eccentric characters and seagoing hazards, and there are even a few songs by Andre Previn!

Performances: through April 23. Fri – Sat @ 8pm. Tickets: $20, $19, $18. Talk Back Thursday, April 14, 7:30pm. $14 Adult, $8 Student.

Rough Crossing
Juan Lira, Cameron Gates, Frank Jagodnik, Donald Conner, Stewart Martin (behind piano) and Ben Shaffer. Photo: Linda Heintz