Titanic Lifeboat Academy Classes Ahoy!

Food Power and Cottage Industries

The Astoria-based Academy describes themselves as “a center for research and education in sustainable living practices, deep ecology ethics, renewable energy systems and low-impact appropriate technologies.” In partnership with CCC’s Education for Life program, the Academy offers up two classes to chew on.

Food Power: The Physical, Monetary, Political, & Planetary Consequences of What We Put on Our Forks. This four-week course will look at geo-political consequences of food choices, ones we may not have realized. Participants will view and discuss current films about food, share articles and concerns with each other and with speakers and growers. Classes will feature local presenters including Matt Stanley, Manager of the Astoria Coop. Each class will include Sampling and sharing local foods.

Thursdays in April (7, 21,24,28): 6:30-8:45pm $35. Discussion, film, speakers, food.

Cottage Industries for Beginners. Turn your skills or crafts into a home-based business. Curriculum includes understanding how money and the current economy work in order to develop an innovative, relevant home-based business plan. The class will also focus on business networking and small business management (records, finances, marketing).

Mondays in April ( 4,11,18, 25, includes May2): 6-9pm $45. Classes take place at the Lifeboat Academy, 91868 Young’s River Road, Astoria. Web: Email: Tel: 503-325-6886

By Elia Seely

eating the coast/food groove is a bright new slice in HIPFiSH showcasing the burgeoning local food scene in the columbia pacific region - from farm/sea to fork, community gardening, growing, consuming, eating out, and raising a living - stay tuned and watch as we nurture and grow this section in sync with the locovore movement . Eating the Coast Editor
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