Three Easy Pieces: New Works by Jill McVarish At Lunar Boy Gallery

Three Easy PiecesLunar Boy has long adhered to the theme of being the place where serious art meets real fun. April’s exhibition of new oil paintings by local artist Jill McVarish fits the shoe. The gallery has long adhered to an overall theme of being the place where serious art meets real fun, and the new show by McVarish truly hits that mark.

McVarish is a classically trained artist, graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993 followed by studies abroad at the prestigious Garett Rietveld Acadamie in Amsterdam where she was greatly influenced by the works of the Dutch masters, most especially Rembrandt. It was here that McVarish blended her passion for contemporary art with a reverence and admiration for more traditional painting techniques.

McVarish’s paintings are, in combination, what could be described as a super clever creative concoction. Imagine a children’s flip book, beautifully rendered in oil paint and comprised of elegant, imaginary and fantastical characters… and yes, they can actually be rearranged in the frames, as they hang, on the wall! Available in requisite sets of three: one head, one torso and one pair of legs. Be the first to compile your favorite combo.

Lunar Boy is located at 1133 Commercial, Astoria. Three Easy Pieces opens April 9, Downtown Art Walk, 5-8pm.