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The Future & 2011 Predictions

Sonja Grace

LAST YEAR’S financial turbulence is this year’s Earth activities. There is much in store for us as the planet changes and reconfigures to the new energies that shift and shape the Universe. The Earth is having  earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and in the next five years an ice age all in preparation for the shift that will take place marked by the Mayan calendar in 2012. These changes are the consciousness of humanity. As caretakers of this planet we experiencing  a wake-up call that will lead to new management for the Earth! The financial realm will continue to grow and increase as real estate receives a boost.  The shift in old leaderships creates a new-found freedom that has been long suppressed. As that energy releases so does the Earth and various challenges for humanity.   The awareness of life elsewhere in the cosmos will come to full realization and perhaps even bring about solutions for the human race.

There is a liberation of information and energy this year that educates and gathers all people to the same page. A world unity will surface in 2012. The preparation for 2012 is happening this year. It is the very shift we are experiencing that is the end of an era and the beginning of the fifth realm. We have been experiencing four dimensions and we will move into the fifth thus creating a higher consciousness for all.

The poles will shift this year and with that comes a higher frequency for all who live on the Earth. It is much the same as what we feel when we finally go to the chiropractor and get that perfect adjustment! The Earth is also a body and needs aligning as much as we do. She is alive and well and responds to the galaxy we are in as well as energies from the Universe. This year our awareness of that energy is coming through and many people who are sensitive will feel it. Those who don’t will simply make the shift as if they rolled over and got up on the other side of the bed!

The economy will continue to be on the rise and although we will experience turbulence all over the globe with the Earth’s activities we will hold strong to creating a stronger economical foundation that will encompass the entire world.

Prophesies have been made for the end of the world over centuries of time. These predictions were recorded from the candlelit corner of long ago without the technology of the internet and global communication. Enduring an earthquake or volcanic eruption in a village that has no contact with the outside world might in fact feel as if the world has ended. These prophesies are narrow in their ability to see beyond the village they were made from. The Earth goes on and humanity changes for the better.  The focus for 2011 is to not resist the inevitable of change but to embrace your participation in creating a new world.

By Sonja Grace

Author of Angels in the 21st Century, Sonja Grace is a leading mystic and spiritual intuitive guiding clients as far as New Zealand, Slovenia, England and Thailand as well as her own back yard in Portland Oregon. She works with all of her clients over the phone providing immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her readings, counseling and processing work. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world, thru her spiritual guidance. For more, see