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Surya SignWith seven pointed crystals aimed toward a table, cables snaking here and there, and the variations of colored light pulsating from one clear, pointed wand to another, the Vogel Crystal Table may look straight from the set of Star Trek, but is, in fact, an extraordinary healing system. Pioneered by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel, these crystals utilize different colors and frequencies to aid in healing. Combined with other modalities, the Vogel crystals can offer folks suffering from emotional or physical pain some literal light at the end of the tunnel. And the best part is, curious clients needn’t travel any farther than Cannon Beach to take advantage of this unique alternative therapy.

Deborah Anderson is the resident healer and proprietor of Surya Healing Arts. Though her retail shop has had a few incarnations on the coast, the most recent is a cozy building in mid-town Cannon Beach. Upon entering, treats for the body, mind and spirit beckon from every corner: essential oils for aiding chakra attunement, coral and lapis ‘teapots’ from Tibet, healing arts books, jewelry, and more. But the heart of the business, for Deborah, is toward the rear of the shop, in the treatment room. “I love the retail, and try to stock only things which really contribute to healing—like the jewelry, all the stones have therapeutic properties. But the real satisfying work is with people, assisting their healing.”

Enter the Vogel table, and Deborah’s impres- sive list of studies and experience in the realm of alternative energy therapies. Originally a coastal gal, Deb left home to pursue what became a calling in healing arts. She began with Reiki, the simple and powerful energy modality discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. Open- ing to the possibilities afforded by Reiki, Deb found a hunger in herself for more knowledge. The School for Enlightenment and Healing, in Asheville, NC, offered a rigorous and intensive three-year program in energy work, and after completing this course Deb began her own practice in New York City. “It was a busy time, a successful time—immensely rewarding. But like everything, it [the practice] had its life span. I was called to come back to the coast.” Return she did, in 1999, reconnecting with family and the landscape of home.

Like any practitioner of alternative healing, Deborah’s method is unique to her skills, and includes the Vogel crystal work. The crystals (man-made and specifically faceted quartz) are aligned to the chakras, and emit light with different frequencies depending on the work being done. Clients feel a deep relaxation and a “lifting” of energy when under the lights. Deborah uses sound recording in conjunction with the crystals, to encourage clients to reach the deep brainwave states (delta, theta) that assist healing. She also uses her hands-on techniques. “The crystal work essentially helps people get out of their own way,” she explains. “Deep relaxation and the light energy allows the clients to let go of what is currently blocking them on physical, emotional, or spiritual levels.” Deborah feels that clients should walk away with tangible results in the first session, but like all healing work, there is generally a need for ongoing treatment and the client must bring their own willingness to heal.

Intuitive reading is part of Deborah’s practice too, and most treatments begin with time spent in conversation with the client. “The healing takes place, really, while we are talking. And they will have shifted several times before we even get to the table. It’s amazing, and you can just see their energy transform.” Sessions typically last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Deborah is starting a Reiki mastery program as well. Her approach is high integrity and will require a level of commitment from her students. To receive mastery, students will be required to receive a certain amount of healings from her to aid their own personal process work, as well as have a practicum requirement. Deborah will provide practice clients, one-on-one time with all students, as well as the healings with her as components of the mastery package. “I feel confident that by the time you get your Reiki certificate from me, that you are going to be confident and your clients will be confident in you. There will be time and practice behind it.” Though every one has the innate ability to be a healer, proper apprenticeship is crucial to navigate the very complex world of working so deeply and intimately with others.

Vogel WandSurya Healing Arts is more than just another Cannon Beach gift shop. The store offers a visual oasis of international items and opportunities for customers to enter into healing on a variety of levels. From purchasing the perfect item for a personal altar, to indulging in essential oils, to working with Deborah on specific issues, there is an access point for everyone. Deborah’s friendly and open manner is inviting and easy to be with.

“We’re not broken, we just need to unfold. With the type of work I do, that occurs slowly, gently, and kindly,” asserts Deborah. “There are all kinds of ways for healing to happen.”

Surya Healing Arts is located at 115 Sunset Blvd. in Cannon Beach. Web: Email: Tel: 503-436-8818.

ALSO: In-house Henna Artist Ann Perkins is available by appointment, and shop Surya for a great selection of yoga DVDs.

By Elia Seely

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