Smile Brigade at Hazel’s

Smile BrigadeAstoria Hideout (aka Heidie Johnson) books Hazel’s. Vastly improved, reincarnated from its former years as a fishermen’s hangout (when the fishbucks were a plenty in tuna town). Not only is it a swell new place for beer, booze and eats, seeing bands there is rockin’ as it ever was, and employs the region’s most valuable music scene officianado.

Smile Brigade hail from Seattle, and have been scoring lots of opening gigs for bands like Built To Spill. Their sound carries a fondness for John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. Sweet and rockin’. After Paleface, then Kathryn Claire, hit Hazels. Later catch a late night breaky at The Labor Temple.

Friday, April 15, 9pm till late. Hazels 14th and Marine Dr. in Astoria.