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Revolution Farms
Volunteers at Re-Evolution Farm in Manzanita. Photo: BrianSchulz

R-evolutionary Education

R-EVOLUTION FARMS in Nehalem is getting’ their education groove on, with affordable, accessible, and practical classes for all y’all putting on your food security hats. Ginger Salkowski and Co. get down to basics of chickens, beekeeping, small scale farming, marketing strategies for small farms, farmtech (infrastructure), solar technology and other off-the-grid bidness. This fantastic small farm, only a few years old, is burgeoning with food, energy, ideas, and community-building zest. The farm offers a new expanded CSA this year, for coast residents from Rockaway to Cannon Beach. Two new acres under cultivation extends the CSA season from May through Thanksgiving. Want to look around? The farm offers tours on Saturdays from noon-3.


  • Introduction to Permaculture for small farms & gardens. Saturday, April 9th: noon to 4pm, $40.
  • Raising chickens for eggs and meat. Saturday, April 16th: 1-4pm, $40.
  • Coming up: Loving your dirt; soil amendments, cover cropping and organic fertilizers: May 1st; Intro to Biodynamic compost and DIY compost tea brewers: May 8th; Building your own Mud Rocket stove: May 28th; Learn to Build Stuff, 7 day long farmitechture intensive: June 13-19th

Classes take place on the farm, 77281 Hwy 53—call or email for driving directions. Web: Email: Tel: 503-368-3044.

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Food Roots: On the job, online and on sale!

Move over Peace Corps, Uncle Sam’s got a brand new bag. FoodCorps is a new national service program being piloted in ten states this year. Good for Oregon as one of the many-called-few-chosen states, and the Oregon Dept. of Ag who is the sponsoring host for five FoodCorps Service Members. Tillamook County’s very own Food Roots has been selected as the only rural community service site (out of five state-wide sites). Service members will toil in the soil throughout Oregon, developing and tending school gardens, creating Farm to School programs and conducting hands-on nutrition education in communities of need. The ultimate goal of FoodCorps is to increase the health and prosperity of vulnerable children while investing in the next generation of farmers and public health leaders. Sound groovy? Check out for info on how to apply for member positions.

Food Roots also has a fresh new website. The new design is at the same address (, and provides a direct link to the North Coast Food Guide on the home page. Another new feature on website is the Beginning Farmer’s Resources page which provides links for individuals interested in pursuing a career in food production, farm internship/job shadowing, Federal and State Agriculture resources, and other food system related resources.

Food Roots Annual Incredible Edible Plant and Fruit Tree Sale! Fruit trees, veggies, flowers, and herbs. All veg starts grown in Tillamook County using organic methods; many heirloom and native varieties.

Saturday, April 23rd from 10 AM – 2 PM at Food Roots’ Office location, 2105 Fourth Street in Tillamook. Web: Email: Tel: 503-842-3154, x2

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Growing Edibles on the North Coast–Theresa Retzlaff

On Saturday, April 30, at 1:00 p.m. the Seaside Public Library hosts Organic Farmer Teresa Retzlaff as she speaks about Growing Edibles on the North Coast. Thes event will take place in the Community Room and refreshments will be served.

Teresa Retzlaff is an Organic Farmer, Nursery Grower, and Gardener who has been growing on leased land at Ostman Farm in Seaside for many years. She recently purchased a new piece of land called 46 North Farm and is in the process of turning it into a working operation. On the new acreage Teresa will be growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers, and of course she will be selling her great edible plant starts for all of you coastal gardening enthusiasts.

If you are stumped about growing vegetables in our short and cantankerous growing season, Teresa will be sharing her expertise on the subject. 1131 Broadway, across from the Swimming Pool and Youth Center. (503)738-6742 or visit us at and

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Lamb with mumLambs=Springtime; Help them out at Lamb School

Love the sight of young lambs gamboling in the field as one of the heralds of Spring? Ever think that you could be involved in bringing the fleecy darlings into the world? Or thinking of starting your own farm and want a little hands-on? Look no further than the Wahkiakum County/WSU Extension Lamb Management School.

April 29 or 30: 9am-4pm. At the Patrick & Hollie McKay-Beach farm on Puget Island, WA. Contact Loren and Caroline Jennings, Tel: 360-849-4023.

By Elia Seely

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