Celtic Renderings at PPP

Becky HitchinPier Pressure Productions opens its doors to works by April’s featured artist from Kent, England, Becky Hitchin. A frequent visitor to Astoria, Hitchin is a doctor of marine biology with a keen interest in coastal preservation and marine management. Her fascination with Celtic knotwork and JRR Tolkien is expressed with pen and ink, watercolor (pencil and brush), gouache, and pencil. Inspired by classic artists such as Mucha and Rosetti, Hitchin’s art has been featured on the covers of various Tolkien Society publications, as well as in the book Forging Dragons with John Howe and Guillermo Del Toro.

Dina James, Astoria writer and friend of the artist will be stepping in as Hitchin’s representative for the evening’s festivities. Astoria Art Walk April 9, 5-8pm. PPP is loaced at 260 10th St in Astoria.